‘Big Brother 22’: Trouble Already – Fight Over Live Feeds

Big Brother 22 hasn’t even aired yet and the upcoming season is already surrounded by rumors and drama. According to our sources, CBS is not happy with its potential cast picks leaking earlier this month. Not to mention they are supposedly having trouble with one of their choices saying no to the staple live feeds. Keep reading to find out who it is and what production is planning to do about it.

Big Brother 22: CBS Furious With Cast List Leak

Reportedly, CBS is not happy in the slightest with the names of potential returning houseguests leaking last week. It’s been speculated that Big Brother is going to be a season of all-stars this summer. This has only ever happened once before with BB7. It turned into a huge hit. So much so that fans wish every year for a repeat of veterans competition for the coveted first place position and $500,000.

With names like Will Kirby and Derrick Levasseur floating around, it’s no wonder the company is pissed about possible leaks. Soap Dirt has a full list of names that have leaked so far. Although there’s not much they can really do about it now. Big Brother Twitter has snatched the information up and it’s all out there for anyone to see.

Returnee Says ‘No’ to Live Feed Cameras

According to our source close to CBS, one Big Brother 22 contestant doesn’t want live feed cameras to happen. It’s a ridiculous notion because the series is known for allowing fans to be flies on the wall 24/7. So, there’s not a big chance of that happening anytime in the future, especially not for a huge season filled with veterans.

There’s actually a whole section of Big Brother fans who refer to themselves as “feedsters”. They pay to watch the live stream cameras and CBS makes a lot of money off of them. It was supposedly a female houseguest that requested there be no feed this year.

What Else to Know About Big Brother 22?

In other news, the cast will supposedly go into sequester by June 29. Their sequester should last at least two weeks for health and safety reasons. So, the premiere date is looking like it could happen sometime in mid-July. This is much better than the expected fall premiere.

Plus, the production is currently redecorating the house for the new season.  Our source says the tour will happen on July 2. Will Julie Chen be showing fans around the BB22 houseguests’ new digs?

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