‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Cody Wins HoH – Forced to Target His Own Allies

Big Brother spoilers reveal Cody Calafiore scored the Head of Household position again and now has to target his allies in the wake of the bloody triple eviction. This time as HoH, Cody has nowhere to look but at allies. With several alliances at play, everyone is someone’s he’s crafted a deal with of some sort. Take a look at who the HoH put on the block – and who’s likely to pack out of the BB22 house this week.

Big Brother Spoilers: Cody Calafiore Builds Winning Resume

Out of all of the players still in BB22, Cody Calafiore has arguably done a lot – winning comps and making moves. Although many fans fInd Big Brother 22 to be unexciting and predictable, at least Cody has the most wins out of anyone else this season. Not only was he the first in power, but Cody is also the current one in power. He’s won a total of three HoH’s and three Power of Vetos.

This week, Cody Calafiore has a big decision to make, and that’s picking a target among all his allies. In the triple eviction, Cody lost one of his Big Brother allies, Daniele Donato Briones. He didn’t really consider her his closest ally, but Dani referred to him in her eviction interview as her “number one.” In fact, she seemed really hurt that he voted with the others to evict her from the BB22 house.

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore

Cody Targets Duo of Christmas Abbott & Tyler Crispen

Now, there’s only Enzo Palumbo, and The Committee left in the Big Brother house. The Committee consists of Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett, Tyler Crispen, and Christmas Abbott. Yet, since they’ve run out of targets, they have no choice but to turn on each other. And Cody’s got the responsibility of nominating two and drawing a line in the sand.

Cody nominated Tyler and Christmas, who have a solid final two deal outside of the core Committee alliance. Cody’s always been closer to Nicole, Memphis, and Enzo. He and the other two men formed the Wise Guys alliance. And, Cody Calafiore played Big Brother 16 with Nicole. So, it came down to Christmas and Tyler. When the PoV took place, again, Cody outplayed the rest of the competitors and took PoV.

Big Brother: Tyler Crispen - Christmas Abbott

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Competition Determines One Houseguest’s Fate

Now, the Veto Meeting happened inside the house already. And Cody Calafiore didn’t use the veto. So, that leaves Tyler Crispen on the block beside his F2 ally Christmas Abbott, So, one of them will go home this week. Originally, Christmas was his target, but after the Big Brother PoV comp, things changed.

Even though most of the remaining BB22 houseguests aren’t big fans of Christmas, it looks like Tyler is more likely to be the one evicted. Cody Calafiore seems to think that Tyler poses a bigger threat to his game. Of course, we won’t know for sure until Julie Chen tallies the votes on Thursday night.

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