‘Big Brother’: BB22 Cast Can’t Talk About Danielle Murphree?

Big Brother 22 production seems to have banned houseguests from talking about alum Danielle Murphree. There have been rumors about strife between her and BB10 winner Dan Gheesling.

Supposedly, Dan Gheesling told production not to include to her on the Big Brother All-Stars season. Janelle Pierzina and Ian Terry talked about it on the BB22 Live Feeds and gave their opinions on the matter. But now they can’t mention Danielle’s name anymore. So, what did Danielle Murphree have to say about the whole thing?

Big Brother: Who is Danielle Murphree?

Danielle Murphree competed on Big Brother 14. Janelle Pierzina, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Britney Haynes, and Dan Gheesling returned to the season as coaches. Originally, Danielle was a member of Team Dan before the coaches hit the reset button and released themselves into the game to compete against the other houseguests. Danielle was also in a showmance with fellow houseguest Shane Meaney.

Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphree were really tight and she made it all the way to final three with him and Ian. Unfortunately, Ian and Dan had a final two pact and the former used his power as final HoH in order to evict her. Still, she held no hard feelings against Dan and was the sole vote for him to win their Big Brother season.

Janelle Pierzina & Ian Terry Talk BB14

In a conversation between Janelle Pierzina, Daniele Donato Briones, Ian Terry, and Cody Calafiore, Danielle Murphree’s name came up. Cody was talking about how he thought she was “sweet” when Janelle and Ian gave their opinions on the woman. The Big Brother 22: All-Stars had a lot to say and it wasn’t all good. Ian called her “insane” and Janelle referred to her as a “crazy b*tch”.

According to them, Big Brother production gave Danielle Murphree a “good edit” instead of showcasing her actual behavior. They said she wanted to “kill Ian” and that “they had to medicate her” during the last week of the show.

But that’s not all. Janelle apparently spilled the beans that she received a call from Dan Gheesling before BB22. She said that Dan told her that Danielle called him asking him why he told production not to call her. After that though, it seems Big Brother production banned them from mentioning anything about Danielle Murphree.

Big Brother 22: Danielle Murphree Responds to Janelle’s Claims

With just one side of the story, one fan asked Danielle Murphree directly about what Janelle Pierzina said about her. She said what Janelle said about her “hurts but doesn’t surprise me”. She says that the other woman was a “b*tchy girl” and that she hasn’t “spoken” to her since the night of Janelle’s Big Brother eviction. Also, Danielle claims that the whole Dan Gheesling phone call isn’t what actually happened.

She went as far as to call Janelle the “QUEEN of PROJECTION” and that she “accuses other people” of the things she does. According to Danielle Murphree, everything that Janelle is saying about her on the Live Feeds is “lies”.

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