‘Big Brother’: Nicole Plans Nasty Janelle Goodbye Video – Who’ll Get the Last Word?

Big Brother 22‘s Nicole Franzel plans to diss Janelle Pierzina in her goodbye message for tonight’s eviction. There’s been a lot of tension between the two of them this season. Each is determined to have the last laugh since Janelle appears slated for eviction.

Now, Nicole thinks she’ll get in the last word but don’t forget – if CBS plays it – Janelle will have her say, too. Last night, the ex-nurse bragged about leaving a scathing goodbye video. So, what did the BB18 winner say that’s so mean?

Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina Evicted – Unless a Hail Mary Saves Her

Barring any last-minute flips, Janelle Pierzina’s fate in the Big Brother house is almost certainly sealed. Head of Household Tyler Crispen put her on the block alongside her main ally, Kaysar Ridha. Being one of the best players of all-time, it’s no wonder the house targeted her over Kaysar. Despite not causing too many waves, the target on Janelle’s back seems too large.

Plus, Nicole Franzel has been out to get her since the beginning of the Big Brother 22 season. Now, the feeling is mutual, with Janelle wanting Kaysar and Bayleigh Dayton to end Nicole F’s game after she’s gone. Janelle hopes she’ll get back into All Stars thanks to a battle back twist. Then she hopes to come back to send Nicole packing.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel - Janelle Pierzina

Nicole Uninvites Her From Wedding

Previously, Nicole Franzel said she’d invited Janelle Pierzina to her wedding to Victor Arroyo. So, that’s why the Big Brother past-season winner said she didn’t understand why the other woman seemingly disliked her. Yet, both BB alums seem to mutually dislike each other. Then, Nicole aggravated the situation by insulting Janelle when naming her as a replacement Have Not.

Now, urged on by Daniele Donato Briones, Nicole’s planning another slam on her rival, via her pre-taped goodbye message that’ll play after Janelle’s presumed eviction. Nicole told Dani and Christmas Abbott about the goodbye message. According to the former nurse, she heard Janelle didn’t want to come to her wedding.

So, Nicole formally uninvited the other Big Brother player from her big day – on the bye-bye video. Dani also encouraged Ian Terry to leave a biting message. But he refused to do so, claiming it’s “rude.” However, it’s not much of a burn since Janelle’s already said she doesn’t care about the wedding and her kid has a cheer competition that weekend anyway.


Big Brother: Swaggy C

Big Brother: Bayleigh’s Hubby Swaggy C on Team Janelle

Even if Janelle Pierzina’s disinvited from Nicole Franzel’s wedding, she already scored another invite. Although Bayleigh Dayton and Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams already wed, they’re planning a blowout ceremony. They even appeared in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress to find the perfect dress. You can see above that Swaggy C formally invited Janelle to their wedding.

“Who gives a f*ck,” he said of Nicole’s diss, adding that the soon-to-be-evicted Big Brother houseguest “is invited to Bay & I’s wedding.” Swaggy said that it’ll be “super expensive and super glamorous”. Wait to see if Nicole Franzel gets the last word or if Janelle Pierzina zings her back from the stage with Julie Chen. Judging by social media, most fans are Team Janelle and think Nicole’s being a Petty Betty.

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