‘Big Brother’ 22: 7 Players That Won’t Be Back For ‘BB22’

Big Brother 22 casting has been leaked and reported on as the season’s potential premiere gets closer. But what they aren’t talking about is alums that definitely won’t be making an appearance on BB22.

There are at least 4 former houseguests that we can cross off the list due to pregnancy. Plus, another 3 that CBS won’t invite back for one reason or another. In other news, we have an updated airdate time frame for the much-anticipated season.

Big Brother 22: These Expecting Mommas & Papas Are Staying Home

Currently, there are two Big Brother couples expecting their second children and therefore probably won’t be leaving home anytime soon. First, is Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from BB12, where they met and fell in love. They already have a 4-year-old daughter together named Adora Borealis. Rachel and Brendon announced her second pregnancy back in May, but haven’t revealed the baby’s gender just yet.

The other expecting Big Brother parents are Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. The two already have a daughter named Maverick Nickson and she’s just 1-year-old. Jess and Cody shared the good news in May and then later that month did a gender reveal. They’re expecting another baby girl!

So, it’s obvious that neither of these couples would be able to compete on BB22. Jessica and Rachel are pregnant and daddies Cody and Brendon aren’t likely to leave their wives for three months.

Big Brother 22: Jessica Graf - Cody Nickson - Rachel Reilly - Brendon Villegas

Former BB Houseguests CBS Won’t Invite Back

There are three different houseguests that CBS definitely won’t be invited back to play anytime soon. GinaMarie Zimmerman is the first for obvious reasons. During her stint on BB15, the former contestant used the N-word in reference to her insurance plan and her job fired her for her use of the racial slur. CBS received a lot of backlash for not removing her from the house, so it’s unlikely she’ll be invited back for Big Brother 22 or really ever.

Another houseguest currently in hot water with CBS and production is Dick Donato, aka Evel Dick. He’s made a career out of his BB experience and every summer gives his thoughts and inside knowledge out on social media. This time, he helped leak some potential BB22 cast members, and reportedly, CBS isn’t very happy with him. So, they probably won’t be asking him to join the season he helped leak.

Lastly, is Mike Malin, otherwise known as Mike Boogie and half of the Big Brother alliance “Chill Town”. Earlier this month, Mike made headlines for some racially charged remarks on the SurvivorNSFW hosted by former Survivor player Johnny Fairplay. CBS isn’t going to cross that line and have him play on Big Brother 22. 

Big Brother: Evel Dick Donato - GinaMarie Zimmerman - Mike Malin

Big Brother 22: When Will BB22 Air on Television

According to our sources, BB22’s cast could be entering sequester from June 15 to June 29. It’s going to be a long two-week sequester because of COVID-19 safety precautions. So the earliest the show could start is the beginning of July, but it could be as late as mid-July or even at the end of the month depending on other factors. Still, we should be getting a summer premiere which is better than the previously estimated fall air date.

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