‘Big Brother’: Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf’s Second Baby’s Gender Revealed

Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and wife Jessica Graf Nickson revealed they were expecting another baby last week. They already have a one-year-old daughter named Maverick and they’ll be welcoming another child in the near future. Jessica and Cody just shared their little gender reveal party with the world. Can you guess if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?

Big Brother: Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf Share Second Baby’s Gender

With the help of their friend and fellow Big Brother 19 alum Elena Davies, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson just did a cute little gender reveal. They pulled it off in their Texas backyard with their daughter Maverick Nickson watching. Elena gave them a little confetti cannon that would either shoot blue or pink into the air. So, what’s Baby Nickson’s gender going to be?

It’s a girl! Cody and Jessica watched in awe as pink smoke and confetti shot up into the sky. The Big Brother parents had big smiles on their faces at the gender reveal. Elena Davies joked that “Cody Nickson is good at making girls,” which isn’t wrong. Now the two will have two little girls to chase after.

Maverick’s Getting a Little Sister

Maverick just turned one in March and now just a couple months later she’s going to be a big sister. It might take a little bit for the Big Brother baby to adjust to sharing her parents with the new baby, but Jessica Graf and hubby Cody Nickson have plenty of love to spare. Cody has said multiple times that he wants to have an even number of boys and girls, which means they could be having two more. Jessica doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of having a big family either.

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Big Brother: Jess & Cody Have a Name Picked Out

Not only do they know the gender of the upcoming baby, but Jessica Graf says they’ve also picked out a name already. Although they know what it’s going to be, she and Cody Nickson are going to keep it under wraps for a little bit. But Jessica says “it’s nice to call this squirmy little one by a name”. What do you think Cody and wife Jessica are planning on naming their little girl?

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