‘Big Brother’: Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf Visit ‘Tiger King’ Zoo

Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf just took a road trip to the GW Exotic Zoo. This is the zoo Netflix features primarily in its hit docuseries Tiger King. Joe Exotic previously owned it before going to prison. Now it’s recently reopened for business under Jeff Lowe after the governor lifted COVID-19 restrictions in Oklahoma.

So, Jessica and Cody Nickson took a tour of the facilities and filmed if for fans to see. What did they think of the place?

Big Brother: Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf Tour ‘Tiger King’ Zoo

For mother’s day, Cody Nickson decided to take his pregnant wife and fellow Big Brother alum, Jessica Graf, somewhere special. Both of them watched Tiger King and it turns out the zoo where most of the crazy stuff took place isn’t that far from their home in Texas. Cody said it’s only an “hour and fifteen minutes” away from where they live.

Plus, Jessica said that the couple hasn’t done anything “interesting in a while”. So, the two did a little road trip up to the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, more commonly known as the GW Exotic Zoo. Jess and Cody Nickson even saw one of the stars of the documentary, Eric Cowie, walk by at one point. And they filmed the experience so that Big Brother fans could see their reactions.

Big Brother: Cody Nickson

Jessica & Cody Almost Get Peed On By Tigers

From the Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s footage, the zoo looks pretty empty, despite the cars parked outside of it. The two Big Brother alums said they only had one rule to follow: “don’t stick your arms in the cage”. There also didn’t appear to be any staff making sure that visitors were abiding by that rule. Cody Nickson and wife Jessica Graf basically got free reign on the facilities. Cody said that it was probably the “closest” they’ll ever get to a tiger in their lives.

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In fact, they were so close that they almost got peed on by a male tiger at one point. They had to jump away, but Cody says he may have gotten “a drop” of tiger pee on him. Not only did they narrowly avoid the tiger splash zone, but Jessica was also almost attacked by a swan at one point. Talk about a crazy day.

Big Brother: Couple Calls ‘Tiger King’ Zoo Sad

Both Cody Nickson and wifey Jessica Graf say that the trip was “a weird experience”. Cody said that he felt there was “a depressing feel over that entire place”. And Jessica found that seeing the tigers sitting in cages was “very sad”. They called it a “strange experience,” agreeing that they would like to see the place close down. With its animals relocated somewhere “better”.

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