‘Big Brother’: Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf Expecting 2nd Child

Big Brother couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are execting another child. Jessica is pregnant with baby number two and the couple is ecstatic about expanding their little family.

Their daughter Maverick recently celebrated her first birthday and is now going to be a big sister.

Big Brother: Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf Share Some Exciting News

Jessica Graf’s let her husband Cody Nickson share the big news. Big Brother fans know that the former Marine doesn’t beat around the bush and straight-up spilled the tea. All he said was, “we’re pregnant” in his annoucement. They’ve been keeping it under wraps for a “long time” according to Cody, longer than when Jessica was pregnant with their daughter Maverick Nickson.

Jessica says that she and Cody were “trying for months” to get pregnant. She ended up going to the doctor for what she thought was an ovarian cyst. But the doctor took a urine test which revealed that there wasn’t a cyst. The doctor called the Big Brother alum to tell her that she was pregnant.

Big Brother: Jessica Graf

Big Brother: Jessica Graf

Jessica Accidently Spoiled Her Pregnancy

Some of Jessica Graf’s followers may have known about the pregnancy before she and Cody Nickson revealed the news. Jessica says that she filmed some videos for her Instagram stories in which pictures of her ultrasound could be seen. “I’m an idiot,” the Big Brother star said about accidentally leaking the pictures.

Jessica and Cody wanted to keep the news to themselves for a little while before sharing the news. They didn’t want to deal with the possibility of negative responses, so they kept quiet.

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Big Brother: Jessica Graf - Cody Nickson

Big Brother: Jess & Cody Are Thrilled About Second Child

Although they don’t know the gender of their upcoming baby, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are “excited to have two little tots running around”. They said they’ll be doing a gender reveal party on their YouTube channel in the future. Jess and Cody aren’t worried about whether or not they have a girl or a boy. Whatever the case, they’ll be happy with whatever they get.

So, do you think it’s going to be a boy or a girl?

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