Big Brother 22: Will ALL Evicted Houseguests Go to the Jury House?

Big Brother 22 news reveals that the All-Star season might be taking notes from Survivor: Winners at War. It wouldn’t be the first time that Big Brother borrowed a twist or challenge from their fellow CBS show. Because they are both owned by CBS, it’s not surprising that they occasionally copy each other.

Usually, it’s Big Brother using something from Survivor and this time isn’t any different. So, what’s the latest thing BB22 is taking from the monumental season, Winners at War?

Big Brother and Survivor Share Similarities

Two months after Survivor‘s first season, Big Brother shares a lot of similarities with its sister show on CBS. For one, the format is basically the same, with a group of contestants competing to be the last one standing for a cash prize.

Yet, one group does that on an island while fending for themselves. Meanwhile, the other is trapped in a house with a number of other people with nowhere to hide.

BB21’s Camp Comeback Copied the CBS Sister Show

One of the most recent things Big Brother has used from Survivor is the Edge of Extinction twist. Once eliminated, castaways would reside on a desolate island and wait for a chance to compete in a challenge to return to the game. It’s residents live off of the bare minimum for one or two possible chances. It first appeared on CBS during the series’ 38th season where Chris Underwood won his way back into the game and the jury crowned him the Sole Survivor.

On the other hand, Big Brother made the EoE twist into something else. Its 21st season used the Camp Comeback twist. In which four of the first evicted houseguests could stay in the house and get a chance at returning to the game. Instead of on an island, they lived among the Big Brother players still playing the game.

David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, Kemi Faknule, and Cliff Hogg III were all a part of the Big Brother twist. In the end, it was Cliff who won his way back into the game, yet he didn’t end up getting much further.

Big Brother 22 - Survivor: Winners at War

Big Brother 22: Copying Winners at War – Sending Everyone to Jury?

Survivor celebrated its 40th season with an all-winners format. It didn’t come as much of a surprise when Big Brother 22 did the same with All-Stars 2. Although it’s not all winners, it contains a batch of returning houseguests ready to battle it out to the end. And our sources say that’s not all that the show is taking from Winners at War. Every single one of the former champions joined the jury and got to cast a vote to crown the season’s winner.

From what we’ve heard, it seems like eliminated houseguests will automatically become jury members. Janelle Pierzina confirmed earlier that CBS isn’t sending them home right away once they get eliminated. So it looks like whoever gets eliminate this week (Keesha Smith or Kevin Campbell) won’t be going home, but may be going directly to the jury house.

CBS and Big Brother spent a lot of money getting these All-Star contestants ready due to Covid. They were put up in separate rental homes to quarantine for two weeks along with a staff of employees to test, monitor, and babysit them. So, CBS may want to get their money’s worth from their investment and keep them around for a while even after eviction.

It also looks like a battle back competition will take place. That means we’ll still get footage of our favorite players even after they leave the house.

BB22 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 pm on CBS.

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