10 Craziest ‘Big Brother 22’ Theories

Big Brother 22 is causing fans the come up with the craziest theories for the upcoming season of their favorite reality show. Yet, the theories have gotten so bizarre that it’s hard to believe that they could be true. From BB22 moving locations to Fiji, to the entire All-Stars rumors and summer air-date being a hoax, we’ve got it all.
Soap Dirt has compiled a list of the top ten craziest theories for this season.
However, some are not as crazy as they sound.  This season should be one of the highest rated BB seasons ever. Because lets face it, with no new TV shows being produced, there is a lack of quality television. A new Big Brother season would be a guaranteed hit. So, CBS may pull out all the stops and spend a little extra to make sure it happens.

#1 Changing Locations of Big Brother 22 to Fiji

Although it would be nice for the BB22 houseguests to relax in a house on the beach, this one is a little bit out there. It’s been speculated that Big Brother‘s 22nd season could move to the tropics because Fiji has been declared COVID-19 free. Plus, they’ve started allowing shows to film on location. In fact, Survivor should start filming sometime this month in Fiji.

#2 Letting Rachel Reilly Play

Another wild rumor at the moment is allowing Rachel Reilly into the Big Brother house. It wouldn’t be that crazy of an idea if the mother of one wasn’t pregnant with another child. Yes, she and Brendon Villegas are expecting their second child.

Big Brother 12: Rachel Reilly - Brendon Villegas
Big Brother 12: Rachel Reilly – Brendon Villegas

So, you shouldn’t really expect to see them inside the BB22 house this year. If you did, it would be pretty crazy, right?

#3 Locking Julie Chen in Sequester

Imagine telling the queen of Big Brother Julie Chen herself that she has to go into sequester. Not only that but with COVID-19 concerns, it would be a fourteen-day event trapped inside a hotel room or wherever they’d be keeping her. Would the hostess with the mostest. Julie, allow it.

Depending on how the show is shot, it may not be necessary. Julie Chen mainly interacts with the the Big Brother players over a video monitor except at the begining and end of the show. Would anyone really notice if it was 100% video interaction? Would anyone care? We just want Big Brother back on the air.

It may not be that crazy. Julie Chen is probably already sequestered in her mansion with her husband. After 14 days of monitoring she may be cleared.

#4 Sequestering the Big Brother 22 Crew

Like #3 this would be a little bit of a stretch because the same crew doesn’t stay on the premises all day every day. They want to go home, so how could you sequester them every single time they needed to come back into work?

However, with millions of dollars on the line with a new season, it could be worth paying the crew to stay sequestered. Some films going into production are planning on doing just that.

#5 Paid Alternate Houseguests on Standby

Anyone picturing someone like Paul Abrahamian waiting in the wings for another Big Brother player to drop out? That’s what some fans are saying on social media. CBS may have some backup All-Stars on the backburner. It would be a cheap insurance policy to ensure that enough players were available when the show starts.

#6 Cast Members Faking Vacations While In Sequester

Janelle Pierzina, a speculated Big Brother 22 houseguest, has been posting pictures of herself on vacation. Yet, some think it’s all a ploy to throw fans off their scent. It would be a pretty smart idea, but it’s unlikely that every single BB22 houseguest posting pictures of vacays wouldn’t seem really suspicious, wouldn’t it? Janelle might really be in a cabin in the woods somewhere.

#7 CBS Allowing Phones & Social Media Access to Fool Fans

There’s another wild theory that CBS is giving houseguests access to their cell phones to throw fans off their track. This doesn’t seem like a great idea because one person could go stir crazy and potentially blow it. It’s more likely that someone from their friends or family have taken over access to their social media accounts to keep fans from suspecting.

#8 Big Brother Robots

This one right here is probably the craziest theory on the list. Remember Sam Bledsoe from Big Brother 20? She got the robot punishment and had to spend some time in a room controlling a robot that was supposed to be her.

Now imagine an entire house filled with robots controlled by Big Brother All-Stars. It’s kinda something we’d actually want to see.

#9 Mystery Episode On July 12

Admittedly, this is one of the less bizarre theories on the list. There’s a “to be announced” episode of something scheduled on July 12 at 8 pm on CBS and fans think it’s Big Brother related. More specifically, they think it’s the premiere date, but that would be too soon from the houseguests going into sequester this week. So, it’s more likely that it’s some kind of announcement for the season if it is BB22 related.

#10 BB22 Isn’t Coming Until Later This Year (Or Not At All)

Now, this one just can’t be true. CBS execs have said they want Big Brother and Love Island to air this summer. Plus, they would never cancel their number one summer reality show. It just wouldn’t happen. So, expect to see BB22 sometime this summer.

What are some of your craziest BB22 theories?

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