Are ‘Big Brother 22’ All-Stars in Sequester – Plus ‘BB22’ Premiere Update

The Big Brother 22‘s All-Star cast is reportedly already in sequester and prepping to enter the house safely. We’ve heard from a source that CBS will release promotional videos this holiday weekend. That includes casting information and the BB22 house theme. Plus, one alum confirms it’s an All-Star season. Also, in other news, could the typical location for the house change due to COVID-19?

Big Brother 22: All-Star Cast in Sequester Says CBS Source

It looks like things for this much-anticipated BB22 season kick into high gear. Soap Dirt’s source close to CBS that says all of the casted veterans are in sequester for a minimum of two weeks. It looks like they’ve also sequestered the production crew because of the threat of COVID-19.

Although what fans really want to know is — who returns for the speculated Big Brother 22 All-Stars season. A lot of trolling has been happening from past players like Fessy Shafaat, Josh Martinez, Derrick Levasseur, Britney Haynes, and even Janelle Pierzina. But we’ve got a bunch of names, although none confirmed, that might be in the BB22 house. Our source at CBS says that these are the returnees we’ll see on our televisions when the season premieres.

Big Brother 22

Former BB Winner Confirms BB22 Will Be All-Stars

It’s doesn’t just seem like speculation anymore that Big Brother 22 will be a season filled with veterans. We’ve now got a past winner confirming it’s indeed an All-Star year for the reality show. That’s right, Andy Herren, the winner of BB15, says the rumors are true. He says it won’t be a season of new fresh faces competing for $500,000.

When a Big Brother fan voiced their doubt about another season of vets like BB7, Andy replied firmly. “It’s happening,” he said to the skeptic, adding, “I literally know people who have signed the paperwork.” So, who does he know that’s signed on for BB22?

Big Brother: Andy Herren

Also, popular radio host and BB cast interviewer, Dana Swearingen, used the hashtag BB22 along with two sets of eyeball emojis. Does she know something fans don’t? She could be interviewing potential cast as we speak.

When Does Big Brother Start in 2020?

Since the BB22 houseguests reportedly entered sequester, it will be at least two weeks of isolation for them and the crew. That means the season won’t premiere until mid-to-late July. Although they’ve recently taken it down, the CBS All Access live feeds page on their website said they “will be back with” BB22 (see above).

But our source says the premiere is Wednesday, July 22. Look for official CBS promos soon. And remember, CBS is the first to get back to work, so that’s another good omen for BB22. There’s also talk that BB22 may tape in Fiji like Survivor, as it’s COVID-19 free. We’ll update you as more info shakes loose from our source.

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