‘Big Brother 22: Premiere Date Leaks – Latest Casting Updates

Big Brother 22‘s premiere date appears to be right around the corner according to our sources. They’re telling us that we could see the All-Star cast as soon as mid-July which is great news for the fandom. It looks like the cast will be announced shortly before then.

Also, the Big Brother official cast announcement and house reveal will come shortly before then. Not to mention, we’ve also heard some more names to add to the potential cast list. So, what’s the scoop?

Big Brother 22: Premiere Date, Cast Reveal, & House Tour

It looks like Big Brother could be closer than speculated if the latest leaks are correct. According to our source close to CBS, everything has set dates. Things have started moving on production for BB22. The cast will be sequestered for 14 days beginning this weekend. This means that the premiere will be mid-July as previously reported, but now we know the supposed air date is set for July 15.

But before that happens, Big Brother fans will be getting the typical promotional stuff. Our source says that CBS will reveal the lineup of All-Star houseguests on July 6. Then the next day on the 7th will be when we get to see the entire decorated BB22 house in all its glory. Are you excited yet?

Big Brother; Dan Gheesling - Jun Song - Janelle Pierzina - Ian Terry

More Alums Leaked For BB22 Cast List

Everywhere on the internet, there’s a different group of names getting tossed around as the Big Brother 22 returnees. But our source just came out with an updated list that includes some of the same and a couple of new faces added into the mix.

Those that have already been mentioned are Janelle Piezina from BB6, Dan Gheesling from BB10, Derrick Levasseur from BB16, and Da’Vonne Rogers from BB17. Plus, Soap Dirt has reported that Paul Abrahamian from BB18, Josh Martinez from BB19, and Haleigh Broucher and Tyler Crispen from BB20 have all allegedly made the Big Brother short list.

Yet, this updated Big Brother cast leak list has a couple of new names. Danielle Reyes from BB3, Jun Song from BB4, Jordan Lloyd from BB11, Hayden Moss of BB12, and Ian Terry from BB14. Other new names include Cody Calafiore from BB16, Jason Roy from BB17, Morgan Willett from OTT, and Kaitlyn Herman from BB20. Who would you be most excited to see?

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore - Morgan Willett - Haleigh Broucher - Tyler Crispen

Big Brother 22: Dan Gheesling Goes Silent

BB10 winner and BB14 runner-up Dan Gheesling will supposedly be on BB22. Now, he says he’s taking a break from his personal podcast for a little while. It looks even more likely that he’s going to be on the next Big Brother since the timing lines up.

Also, he said there’s a special announcement coming up in the near future. And to top things off it appears that someone else has been in charge of his Twitter account. They’ve been using TweetDeck to upload stuff to the man’s account. Yet, nothing is confirmed until CBS makes an official announcement.

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