‘Big Brother’: Nicole Pushes to Evict Tyler – Janelle Says it’s Petty Jealousy

Big Brother spoilers tease some one-sided tension between Nicole Franzel and Tyler Crispen. It all started with the triple eviction when Memphis Garrett nominated Nicole for eviction. She found out that Tyler and Christmas Abbott voted to oust her – and she sees it as an ultimate betrayal.

Yet, she’s targeting one over the other, and apparently, it might be more personal than game-related, according to another BB22 all-star. So, why is Nicole holding a grudge against Tyler and not Christmas when both threw votes to evict her?

Big Brother: Tyler Crispen Burns Nicole Franzel

In the triple eviction, Nicole Franzel hit the BB22 block twice in one night. Although she ended up surviving both evictions, Nicole now has a bone to pick with one of the other Big Brother 22 houseguests because of it. First, Memphis Garrett put her on the block alongside David Alexander, his obvious target.

Then, Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott took this as a chance to take a shot at the former BB winner. So, both voted against her. Still, David went to the jury house. Then, Tyler won the third and final Big Brother HoH for the back-to-back-to-back eviction.

Next, Tyler Crispen nommed Nicole and her ally Daniele Donato Briones. But the target on Dani’s back was bigger. So, the house sent her to the jury on a unanimous vote. Even though she made it off the block safely, Nicole Franzel’s holding a pretty big grudge. But, there’s more to it than just gameplay, perhaps.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel

Nicole Campaigns Against Tyler

Cody Calafiore is Head of Household this week, and he nominated Christmas and also Tyler Crispen. Originally, his target for Big Brother eviction was Christmas. But he’s slowly shifted his sights to Tyler, and things aren’t looking good for the Hilton Head resident.

That’s largely because of Nicole Franzel’s campaigning to send Tyler packing. She wants to make sure the BB20 runner-up goes to the jury on Thursday. According to Nicole, she and Tyler Crispen were extremely close, and his voting against her was a huge betrayal.

Yet, one Big Brother fan pointed out that the two were “never close.” They also reminded everyone that she was the one who voted out her closest ally, Ian Terry. Plus, she and others were seen on BB22 live feeds making negative comments about Ian’s autism spectrum issues.

Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina

Big Brother: Janelle Pierzina Calls Out BB22 Enemy

It’s no secret that Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel have a strained relationship. So, Janelle hasn’t had any problem calling her out all season long. Now out of the house, Janelle’s chiming in to explain why Nicole Franzel’s targeting Tyler Crispen over Christmas.

This time, the Big Brother All-Stars alum says that Nicole’s issues with Tyler Crispen stem from much more than just an eviction vote. Janelle claims that the BB18 winner is “jealous of Tyler and Angela [Rummans].” Fan-favorite Janelle alleges that Nicole is jealous of Tyler’s online popularity.

Janelle says that Nicole was upset with her for clicking likes on Angela’s Instagram pictures and not hers. She says it’s “no surprise” that she is targeting Tyler due to “popularity.” If BB19‘s Cody Nickson were on this season, he’d surely be calling Nicole Franzel out for “victim noises.”

Now, she’s campaigning hard to send Tyler Crispen out of the house this week – will Nicole Franzel succeed?

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