‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Final 3 Locked – See Who’s F3 with Enzo

Big Brother spoilers tease the final three houseguests on BB22, one of which is Enzo Palumbo. Along with Enzo, only Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Christmas Abbott remain in the game. Yet, by the end of the week, there will only be three. And it’s become very clear who will be gone come Big Brother finale night next week.

There’s still more Big Brother to play, but it’s practically over for one all-star. So, who’s time in the house is up, and who’s still in the running for the $500,000?

Big Brother Spoilers: Enzo Palumbo Wins Crucial HoH

With the number of houseguests down to four, the next Head of Household competition was essential. It’s an automatic ticket to finale night and a guarantee of at least third place on Big Brother 22. Memphis Garrett’s goals were crushed last Thursday when the remaining players evicted him. Now just Christmas Abbott, Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore are still in the game.

Nicole was unable to compete as the outgoing HoH, which left Cody, Christmas, and Enzo to battle it out. In the end, it was Enzo who came out on top. He’s ensured his chance to compete in the final Big Brother HoH, but the rest of the house are scrambling to secure their own positions.

Big Brother: Enzo Palumbo

Christmas Abbott & Nicole Franzel’s Games in Danger?

Enzo Palumbo used his power as HoH to nominate the two ladies left in the game, Christmas Abbott and Nicole Franzel. This is unsurprising because the Big Brother 12 player, Enzo, has been tight with Cody Calafiore for the entirety of the game. The two of them have a final two and have been working together since the very beginning.

While Enzo isn’t sure Cody will choose him over Nicole if he wins the final HoH, Cody is set on evicting Christmas Abbott. Cody even won the PoV and that allows him to be the sole vote to determine who makes it to the Big Brother: All-Stars final three.  So, who’s Cody planning on sending home on Thursday?

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel - Christmas Abbott

Big Brother Spoilers: Cody Calafiore won Power of Veto – Final Three Revealed?

Because Cody Calafiore isn’t going to change the nominations at this time. He gets to decide who goes to Big Brother jury with his sole vote to evict. Cody is close with Nicole Franzel, who’s on the block, so it’s no surprise that he’s set on booting Christmas Abbott.

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore

With Christmas gone, this will put Cody in a good position to go to the final two. Both Enzo and Nicole are his closest allies and are likely to pick him should either of them win that last HoH. As of right now, Cody’s in the best position to win it all. But can he pull it off?

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