‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Nicole Stops Sandbagging – Wins Critical HoH and Veto

Big Brother spoilers reveal Nicole Franzel finally started playing the game after weeks of lying low. In the past, she successfully implemented the same strategy with great results. It’s likely what ultimately convinced her fellow BB18 contestants to crown her the winner of that season. Now, not only has she won a crucial HoH, but she’s also got the PoV in her hand. What’s Nicole going to do with all of her power?

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Franzel Plays Same Game

Nicole Franzel played this game three times now. Although she didn’t make it as far in her first appearance — on Big Brother 16 — she’s done well on both BB18 and BB22. Each time, Nicole played an almost identical game. Her strategy is to attach herself to a strong guy and keep a low profile.

Then, late in the second half of the Big Brother season, she’ll make moves. On BB16, she linked up with Hayden Voss to shield her. Then, it was Corey Brooks on BB18, where she won it all. This time, Nicole decided to team up with Cody Calafiore and let him and their alliance carry her this far on BB22.

Yet, with only five houseguests left, Nicole’s finally emerging from the shadows in order to play her own Big Brother game. With an important Head of Household on the line and Cody unable to compete, Nicole Franzel pulled her weight and holds most of the power as this week’s HoH.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel

Nicole Makes Her Nominations – Holds Power this Week

Only Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo remain in the Big Brother: All-Stars house. They just evicted Tyler Crispen last week in a 3-0 vote. But a new week means a new target and HoH Nicole put Christmas and Memphis on the block.

Her reasoning is that Memphis nominated her during the Big Brother triple eviction and Christmas would also come after her. Her target was originally going to be Christmas with Memphis as a pawn. But then, Cody whispered in her ear and convinced her she should reconsider.

When it came to the Power of Veto, Nicole Franzel proved herself to be a worthy competitor by winning that as well. As of right now, it looks like she’ll keep her Big Brother nominations the same. With so few people in the house, Nicole’s days of sandbagging this season are over – now she’s got to play to win.

Big Brother: Memphis Garrett - Christmas Abbott

Big Brother Spoilers: Who’s Going Home?

If nothing changes – and it very well could because we know to expect the unexpected – then Memphis will be in the jury house by the end of the week. As of now, Cody’s successfully switched Nicole Franzel’s target from Christmas over to Memphis.

That directly benefits his and Enzo’s Big Brother game. Since they’re the only two who can vote to evict on Thursday, they have the final say. So, it looks like it may be the end for Memphis. Are you sad to see him go?

Next week, since Nicole can’t play HoH, it’ll be interesting to see if she can stay off the block herself. But for now, Nicole Franzel’s flexing her power and is holding it all in the BB house.

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