‘Big Brother’: What is the BB22 Safety Suite?

Big Brother 22 premiered last night and Julie Chen introduced a brand new twist into the game. It’s called the Safety Suite and it’s one of the first in a series of rooms that’ll open up throughout the summer, according to Julie.  Without going into much detail, the host explained that it would change up the competition “like never before”. Now we know a little bit more about the twist. So, what’s the Safety Suite, and how does it work?

Big Brother 22: Julie Chen Reveals Safety Suite Twist

It wouldn’t be a premiere night of a Big Brother season if host Julie Chen wasn’t announcing another twist to change up the game we know and love. In last night’s episode, she announced a brand new one that will debut in a series of different rooms. We think that each of the rooms will offer it’s winner a power of some kind. The first of which is called the Safety Suite and as the name suggests, it gives the winner the power of safety.

Julie teased that the first of Big Brother 22‘s many twists would provide safety to two lucky houseguests. But she didn’t elaborate much past that point. So, fans are wondering how the Safety Suite works. Also, we want to know who’s going to win safety and prevent HoH Cody Calafiore from nominating them for eviction this week.

Big Brother 22 - safety suite

3 BB22 Houseguests Get Safety Suite Passes

It looks like Big Brother is giving out safety passes to a number of the houseguests. Supposedly, they are passes that the HGs can redeem in order to enter the Safety Suite competition for a chance at being safe for one week.

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Big Brother 22 Live Feeds went down for a little while today and when they returned three houseguests had lanyards with their names on them along with the words Safety Suite VIP written on them. When the feeds returned, Tyler Crispen, Janelle Pierzina, and Kevin Campbell were all wearing one.

Big Brother 22: What Does It Do?

According to what we’ve heard on the live feeds, each of houseguests will get a lanyard. It allows them to compete in a safety competition if they so choose, but they have to pick one other person to compete with. If they win, they get safety. But if they lose, they get some sort of punishment. None of them really love the idea of picking someone to play with and possibly revealing their alliances.

Big Brother airs this Sunday night at 10 pm on CBS.

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