‘Big Brother 22’: Cast Revealed – Meet The BB22 All-Stars

Big Brother 22‘s all-star cast is officially released, and we’ve got all the names right here. You’re going to want to have a look because you might not believe who’s returning for another shot a glory and a big cash prize. It’s a mixture of new and old players – plus a bunch of fan-favorites. They’ll enter the BB22 house to battle it out on August 5. So, who’s playing BB22?

Big Brother 22: The Returning Women

It’ll be a cast of half women and half men when the Big Brother 22 game begins. You won’t want to count out any of the following ladies because they all have individual styles of play, and they can be very dangerous. There might even be a couple of your all-time favorites back once more. So, here’s the list of female alums that are returning:

Nicole Franzel – Most memorable for a barrage of punishment costumes, 28-year-old Nicole was on BB16 and won BB18.

Daniele Donato – A formidable player, Daniele, age 33, appeared on BB8 and BB13 – and her dad’s the infamous Evel Dick.

Da’Vonne Rogers – The 32-year-old fan-favorite is one who most believe got the short end of the stick on BB17 and BB18.

Christmas Abbott – The 38-year-old played most of her season BB19 with a broken foot but stuck around nonetheless.

Janelle Pierzina – She’s one of the greatest female players of all time is 40-years-old and played on BB6, BB7, and BB8.

Bayleigh Dayton – Currently married to fellow BB alum, Swaggy C, the 27-year-old had a hard road on BB20.

Nicole Anthony – Arguably the most well-loved BB21 castmember, the 25-year-old is known for her kind, quirky nature.

Keesha Smith-Known for her infamous failed birthday party, the 42-year-old competed on BB10.
Big Brother 22: All stars Cast - Bayleigh Dayton - Nicole Anthony

Men Back For Second All-Star Season of BB

On the other hand, there’s an equal amount of familiar male faces gearing up for the game of a lifetime. Big Brother 22 won’t be Survivor: Winners at War spectacular – because it’s not a season of all-winners. But fans have been waiting over a decade for another All-Stars season. So, without further ado, here are the men of BB22:

Tyler Crispen – The 25-year-old served as leader of Level Six alliance and placed second on BB20.

Ian Terry – He’s one smart cookie – 29-year-old Ian used his brains to beat Dan on BB14.

Kevin Campbell – The loveable 40-year-old placed third on BB11.

Enzo Palumbo – Known as the “Meow Meow” and member of The Brigade, 42-year-old Enzo appeared on BB12.

Kaysar Ridha-One of the leaders of the Sovereign Six, the 39-year-old competed on BB6 and BB7.

Cody Calafiore – The other half of The Hitman alliance, the 29-year-old came in second place on BB16.

Memphis Garrett-The runner-up on BB11, the 37-year-old lost the crown to mastermind Dan Gheesling.

David Alexander – Fans thought the 30-year-old being first evicted on BB21 was incredibly unfair and wanted him back.
Big Brother 22: All stars Cast - Tyler Crispen - David Alexander

Big Brother 22: Other Important Things to Know

Other than the official Big Brother: All-Stars cast, there are a couple of things fans need to know. First, the premiere takes place next Wednesday at 9 pm, with a two-hour move-in special. Plus, the cast and crew safety is of utmost importance to CBS, so they’ll be screening crew members and cast daily for symptoms.

Not only that, but they’ll also be testing the cast for COVID-19 each week just to be on the safe side. And there’s a couple of alternate houseguests in quarantine sequester, so maybe they’ll host comps since they can’t play. Turn in to CBS on August 5 at 9/8c for the premiere.
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