‘Big Brother 22’: CBS Leak Confirms All-Star Season for BB22

Big Brother 22 leaks brings some new information to light, including when sequester could start and a possible BB22 premiere date. Plus, it appears that there’s finally an official All-Stars announcement of sorts. It looks like CBS is still gearing up to put out BB22 this summer and not much is going to stop them. According to our sources, it appears they’re flying out possible cast members this week as soon as possible. So, what’s the BB scoop?

Big Brother 22: Sequester Could Start This Week

As per our sources, the sequester could begin as early as this week. CBS is reportedly beginning to fly potential Big Brother 22 cast members out beginning on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

They’ve been working hard on the sets according to spies grabbing pics of the CBS soundstage that hosts the Big Brother house. So, it makes sense that they’re almost ready for the All-Star BB22 houseguests that are going to occupy the place.

Big Brother 22

BB22 Announcement Via CBS Marketing

This next announcement came in a very interesting way. The CBS network began marketing some awesome BB22 All-Star merchandise for the new season of Big Brother. That seems to confirm the BB All-Star season we’ve been waiting for all summer. It’s not confirmed, but the merchandise department may have jumped the gun on releasing images of the new products (and the new logo) before and official CBS Big Brother announcement. Insiders think this is an accidental leak because Julie Chen usually is the first to officially announce the season and introduce the new logo.

The CBS marketing department released images of a coffee mug, an original slop bowl, a backyard mason jar glass, your own personalized luggage tag, and even a facemask. All of these are emblazoned with the logo for Big Brother: All-Stars. It’s the first thing CBS put out that confirms this season’s theme. And it’s very exciting for the fandom who crave a dose of their typical BB summer.

Big Brother 22: Julie Chen

CBS Bringing in Big Brother Alternates, But Not Telling Them They’re Spares?

Evel Dick’s been dropping leaks lately too and one is about alternates. It’s reportedly a precaution in case any of the original Big Brother 22 cast tests positive while in sequester. The twist is they aren’t telling alums who’s a back-up and who’s a confirmed candidate.

A source revealed to Soap Dirt some of the former Big Brother players that will be on the new BB22 All-Star season. Many have now gone silent on social media. Even the ones that are denying the All-Star gig could return. For example, BB10 winner Jordan Lloyd just announced that husband and fellow alum Jeff Schroeder’s leaving their family for a bit because he got a small role in a movie. Yet, could she just be throwing off the fans?

Big Brother 22

Big Brother 22: When Will It Air?

As we prior reported, the sequester will be at least two weeks for cast and also crew. So, it’s impossible for the game to begin before August 4. Yet, our source says the latest CBS hopes to premiere is August 19. This is plenty of time to make sure everyone involved is healthy. Who do you want to see return for this monumental season of All-Star players?

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