‘Big Brother 22’: Trouble With Production – BB22 Theme Revealed?

Big Brother 22 is once again facing holdups for its 20th anniversary season. This time it has something to do with the worker’s unions in response to COVID-19 measures. In other news, one superfan got an overhead view of the BB22 backyard which is under construction. So, we have an idea of what theme CBS decided to go with this year. Plus, two of the companies’ shows are back to filming.

Big Brother 22: Crew Unions Holding Up Production

In order to work on the crew for Big Brother 22, it looks like workers are also going to be sequestered. CBS will already be sequestering the All-Star cast for at least 14 days to make sure they’re COVID-19 free. It’s also possible that Julie herself is undergoing a quarantine of her own in order to make it safe for everyone else. Yet, apparently there’s one group involved with the show that isn’t thrilled about it.

Our source close to CBS says that now Big Brother production is being held up by a crew union. It looks like the workers union for the company is angry about having to go into sequester themselves. So, it’s likely they’re negotiating demands at the moment in order to get the best deal for having to go into isolation.

Big Brother 22

Is BB22 Going Retro?

One lucky fan used a drone to capture images of the current Big Brother 22 backyard under construction. They go by the name of BigBrotherBackyard and they’ve captured a super good picture of the backyard. In the photo, you can see a lot of pink and blue in what looks to be a tye-dye design splattered across canvases. It quickly had others chomping at the bit to guess what this year’s theme could be.

Big Brother Backyard - BB22

So far the consensus is that it’s some type of throwback theme. Obviously, tye-dye makes one think of the 60s. So, could that be the theme? Or is Big Brother going to do a retro style season? It would make sense considering they’re supposedly bringing back an entire cast of returnees.

Big Brother: Two CBS Shows Have Restarted Production

While CBS’s reality shows have taken a major hit with being postponed, two of their other shows have started back up. The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless have both begun production and actors are even on the sets. So, will BB22 be next?

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