‘Big Brother 22’: Could Paul Abrahamian Return For a Third Time?

Big Brother 22 is all-but-confirmed to be an All-Star season filled with returning veterans, and Paul Abrahamian’s name is now in the mix. Although, there have been several different casting leaks, CBS hasn’t made an official announcement on who will be back. So, fans have been speculating on which of their favorite players could return.

Not only their favorites, but they’ve also been talking about who’s most likely to make a return. Paul Abrahamian is one at the top of the list since CBS has used him twice already. So, is the third time the charm for Paul?

Big Brother: Paul Abrahamian Comes Up Short Twice

Paul Abrahamian was a polarizing BB player during his initial run on Big Brother 18. He was one of the leaders of the majority alliance. Paul wanted to target the returning players like Nicole Franzel and James Huling. He partnered with Victor Arroyo and the two made quite the team. It didn’t hurt that Victor kept returning from eviction and would in turn save Paul eviction.

If anything, fans will remember Paul Abrahamian’s pelican pool floatie named Pablo and catchphrases like “friendship”.

In the end, Paul’s social game (and Victor saving him several times) got him all the way to the Final Three where he won the final HoH and took Nicole to the Final Two. Unfortunately, he chose to evict James over Nicole which many Big Brother fans consider his biggest mistake of the season. When it came down to it, the jury awarded first place to Nicole over Paul.

Yet, Paul Abrahamian got another chance when CBS invited him back as a special twist for Big Brother 19. Paul entered the game when Kevin Schlehuber took a cash prize at the beginning of the season. He controlled much of the season, only facing adversity from Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. Once again he found himself sitting in front of Julie Chen on finale night and losing once again, this time to Josh Martinez.

Josh outplayed him by giving away Paul’s secrets to the jury during his goodbye video speeches to outgoing Big Brother evicted houseguests.

Fan Opinion On Paul Is Controversial

When it comes to Paul Abrahamian, Big Brother viewers either love him or love to hate him. Although he was a fan favorite in his inaugural season, some opinions of him changed when he returned for a second chance.

Some thought that CBS just wanted to get a little more attention by including him and that they tailored the entire season around him. It seemed that Paul had an easier time than the rest of the houseguests. He was given special powers that kept him in the game so he could not be evicted the first few weeks of play.

Still, there are some that remain hardcore Paul fans and would love to see him on another season of Big Brother.

Big Brother: Could Paul Make a Comeback?

With no official cast release as of right now, Paul Abrahamian could very well return once more. He’s been fairly quiet on social media until this weekend. Yet, he could have someone else posting as him to throw off fan suspicions. Since CBS likes him so much, it seems they would want him back for a third time.

If so, he’ll need to work on winning over the jury with a speech so he doesn’t get runner up again. But, it would be priceless to see the look on his face if he does get runner up again. Both times Paul thought he had the win in his hand and the reaction on his face when he lost (both times) is legendary among BB fans.

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