‘Big Brother 22’: Cast Reveal Delayed – All-Star Tests Positive for COVID-19?

Big Brother 22 fans were devastated when the cast reveal didn’t happen on Monday like it was supposedly going to. It looks like one or two of the potential cast members tested positive for COVID-19.

Reportedly, the results have CBS and Big Brother scrambling for alternative options. So, they postponed the cast reveal. In other news, both Paul Abrahamian and Derrick Levasseur said they won’t be a part of the All-Star cast.

Big Brother 22: Cast Reveal Delayed – Fans Frustrated

It was a disappointing day for the Big Brother fans yesterday who were anxiously awaiting an official cast list dropped by CBS. Robyn Kass, the head of casting for the show herself even said it would happen yesterday. But she later deleted the tweet the night before the release was supposed to happen.

Not to mention, the Big Brother live feeds previously advertised meet the cast interviews on July 29 but have since changed to “coming soon”. So, something caused production to have a major setback and our sources say it’s coronavirus related. Which means someone on the potential cast list must have it.

Big Brother 22

Several Cast Members Test COVID-19 Positive?

Before entering the Big Brother 22 house, each member of the cast of the All-Stars 2 season has to pass a COVID-19 test. Unfortunately, our sources say at least one member of the group tested positive for the virus. According to our source, it is two past winners. Soap Dirt has chosen not to reveal the names until they make it public (should they choose to,

It would make sense since both of them were recently hitting up up clubs in Miami before flying out to Los Angeles. Florida doesn’t really have any restrictions and is basically a breeding ground for COVID-19. Especially in crowded clubs where there’s absolutely no social distancing. Since the Big Brother All-Stars cast reveal is delayed, then CBS must be trying to get in a few more players. Sadly, they might have just lost two of the “winners” they advertised in a recent press release.

Big Brother 22: Paul Abrahamian & Derrick Levasseur Won’t Be On?

Although nothing has been confirmed by CBS, both Derrick Levasseur and Paul Abrahamian have said that they won’t be a part of BB22. Paul posted a lengthy message listing a number of reasons he isn’t returning. For one, he says both his parents are going to be getting surgery. So, he has to be there for them. Also, he wants to focus on his music career. And right now doesn’t feel like the right time for him to be in the emotionally tolling atmosphere of the Big Brother house.

On the other hand, Derrick has been the center of a lot of rumors. They’re about being on bad terms with Nicole Franzel, another potential BB22 houseguest. Derrick himself said that although he and Nicole aren’t on good terms right now, that’s not the reason for his absence. He says he doesn’t want to be away from his family right now. And that it’s the best thing for him at the moment to stay home.

BB22 premieres August 5 at 9/8c on CBS with a two-hour move-in special.

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