‘Big Brother 22’: New Start Date & BB22 House under Construction Now [See Pics]

Big Brother 22 was just delayed a bit, but they’re hard at work getting the house ready. According to our source at CBS, BB22 is still happening this summer – as the network intends. One person grabbed some photographs of production for the new season. With the house under construction, it’s another good sign. So, when will BB22 premiere?

Big Brother 22 Delayed – Production Pushed Back But Still in the Works

It was sad news for Big Brother fans when earlier this week, it was announced that production hit a snag. The COVID-19 spike in California affected BB22’s production plans – delaying them by at least a couple of weeks. So, instead of the All-Star lineup already in sequester, they delayed flight plans.

That means it’ll be at least another two weeks after sequester for them to enter the house. And also for Big Brother 22 to start airing. It’s been a much-anticipated wait for the passionate fandom who expects the annual Summer premiere. Now, it looks like the soonest BB22 could premiere is early August – if they load houseguests into the house by late this month.

Construction Buzzing on BB22 House

Despite the delay, there’s also some good news for the Big Brother fandom. The World of BB shared some pictures of construction on a CBS production lot. More specifically, it’s the sound stage where the houseguests live inside the BB house each Summer.

According to this eye witness, there was a lot going on in and out of the BB stage. They said that there’s a buzz of activity around the trailers outside the house set. In the photos below, you’ll see the outside of the Big Brother house soundstage. This corroborates another source saying CBS was hiring construction workers for a project back in June. Could BB22 be the project they were hiring for?

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Big Brother 22: When is it Happening?

Although BB won’t kick off in mid-to-late July as we heard earlier, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too much longer until houseguests drop into the BB22 house. According to sources close to the show, they plan to sequester the All-Star cast by late July so the can premier in August, technically still in Summer.

Once the sequester is over, they said CBS plans to roll out the first Big Brother episode on August 5 at the earliest. As of now, that seems ambitious. We’ll update you here when we have more info from our source. And, of course, nothing is definite until the network makes it official.

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