‘Big Brother 22’: The Latest Leaked Cast List for BB22

Big Brother 22 leaks list another group of former players potentially having been cast on the BB22 All-Star cast. A source that has been very reliable and has an in with CBS released a list of veterans that includes some of the names floating around. Yet, it also contains a number of past Big Brother houseguests that are very controversial. So, let’s take a look a how legit this latest leaked cast list for the upcoming season is.

Big Brother 22: Alleged CBS Insider Leaks Another List of Names

It’s getting closer and closer to Big Brother‘s 22nd season and with that comes the casting leaks rumors. It’s supposedly going to be an All-Star season filled with returning veterans. So, there’s been a bunch of names getting tossed around online. But there’s a leaker that says they knows exactly who’s going to be returning for the much-anticipated BB22.

According to our source, there are four houseguests that have signed non-disclosure agreements. It looks like Derrick Levasseur, Da’Vonne Rogers, Janelle Pierzina, and Dan Gheesling have all signed Big Brother NDAs. Not to mention, they also shared names like Amanda Zuckerman and Kemi Faknule.

Previously, Derrick claims he isn’t going to do it, but that could just be him trying to throw Big Brother fans off his scent. Or he may have been in negotiations at the time and didn’t reach an agreement with CBS. Derrick has a lot to lose as he’s known as one of the best Big Brother players of all time. Since his undercover cover has been blown, he will come into the game with a huge target on his back and could lose his status as one of the greats with an early eviction.

Da’Vonne, Janelle, and Dan have all remained fairly quiet on social media as of late. Although Janelle did possibly troll Big Brother fans with a shot of herself wearing leggings with stars on them. Plus, Dan has been rumored to be returning for another go since early this month.

Big Brother 22: Derrick Levasseur - Da'Vonne Rogers - Janelle Pierzina - Dan Gheesling

Leaker Says Some Controversial Names Will Be Back

On the other hand, our CBS source is saying some pretty interesting faces will be back for Big Brother 22. Some of them are pretty controversial, especially with the climate in our country today. Their ten other houseguests include Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Kemi Faknule from BB21. Jackson and Jack were in hot water a lot during the summer for remarks and comments made on the show.

JC Mounduix from BB20 is on the leaked cast list as is non fan favorite Raven Walton from BB19. Perhaps the most shocking names featured are GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries. These are two of Big Brother‘s most controversial players due to some very off-color remarks that ended with both of them losing their jobs.

Big Brother 22: How Legit is This List?

Another source told Soap Dirt that many of the names are in negotiations. So, it appears that all the names on the Big Brother leaked cast list have been nailed down. Plus, in today’s sensitive climate, expect some names to be dropped like a hot potato.

Who will make the final BB22 final cut? Nothing is officially confirmed by CBS at this time and the cast list seems to be changing daily as the network tries to find a cast that is controversial, but not too controversial.

BB22 should air sometime in the middle or near the end of July.

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