Below Deck Recap: Ashton Fished Out by Bravo Camera Guy – ‘Let Them Eat Chicken’ Season 6 Episode 11

This week’s Below Deck recap finds us in the aftermath of Ashton Pienaar’s terrifying accident. Ashton survived falling overboard with just a minor injury. Bravo cameraman Brent Freeburg saved the fallen deckhand from drowning and Captain Lee Rosbach needs a minute. Check out what happened on ‘Let Them Eat Chicken’ Season 6 Episode 11.

Below Deck: Cameraman Saves Ashton Pienaar – Captain Lee Is Verklempt

The episode begins with the terrifying clip of Ashton sliding into the sea as the rope tangles around his ankle on Below Deck. Rhylee Gerber radioed “man overboard” with all the urgency of a grocery clerk calling for a price check on aisle 9. Quick-thinking Bravo camera guy Brent Freeburg drops to the side of the boat and releases the ropes to ease the tension on Ashton’s tangled up ankle.

This gives Ashton Pienaar time to swim to the tender. Ashton must now drive the tender behind the boat until it’s safe. Captain Lee Rosbach tells producers how close the situation was from life or death. About 30 seconds. He can’t imagine having to call Ashton’s parents to tell them that their son was dead. He tears up and asks for a minute to collect himself.

Ashton Back on the Yacht – A Little Worse for Wear

Much to the relief of fans of Below Deck, Ashton Pienaar emerges from the tender with perfect hair and only a blown-up ankle. He says he was mentally preparing his foot to be cut off as he thrashed in the sea. For now, he’s going to elevate and ice the foot. Adrian Martin serves the guests lunch and then goes to sit with Ashton.

Laura Betancourt joins them and says she thinks “corners are cut on this boat”.  The doc arrives and says Ashton’s ankle is not broken and that he will be okay in a few days. Ashton Pienaar is eager to get back to his duties unlike departed 3rd stew Caroline Bedol. She parlayed a mosquito bite into not doing any work for days.

Adrian’s Dinner Fowl –  Poultry For The Poor

On Below Deck, the guests jet ski while Laura grumbles around the guest cabins. She finds the mundane tasks of 3rd stew beneath her. She thinks that the bar is set low on the super-yacht My Seanna. Adrian prepares a delish looking stuffed chicken entrée for dinner. The guests sit for dinner. One of the guests suggests that “chicken is for poor people”.

This from a woman whose neck resembles poultry skin while wearing a tank top covered in iridescent sequins. While stuffing their faces with the fowl, they admonish whoever ordered chicken. Because when your friend invites you on board a luxury yacht that you can’t afford, it’s okay to pretend you’re rich for a minute, right? To save face with the 1%, Adrian cooks scallops in a pan.

Lame Dance Party on Below Deck

The female guests want to have a dance party which consists of three of them imbibing fruity cocktails and waving their arms around yelling whoo and whee by the jacuzzi. One of them can’t believe this is her life. Honestly?

This party looked like sad girls in middle school who split a bottle of peach schnapps when they couldn’t get dates to Sadie Hawkins. Yet chicken is not good enough for them?

Laura a Poser on Below Deck

Adrian lets it slip to Laura that Kate Chastain was not happy with her half-assed turn downs. In the morning a few of the guests request a yoga class on Below Deck. Laura goes to tell Kate she will put the guests through their downward-facing dogs and side planks. Kate says fine but mentions the sub-par turn downs noting there weren’t even waters placed by the beds.

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Even three-star hotels offer water by the bed. In annoying valley girl voice, Laura says,  “Oh I thought the vibe was we aren’t caring”. I imagine taking a yoga class from Laura is much like biting into a generic off-brand Oreo. It’s okay but just not that good. Like being served chicken when you expected steak. Ross Inia wakes Rhylee and tells her she has 10 minutes to report on Below Deck.

Rhylee and Ross Go At It Again

On this week’s Below Deck, Captain Lee happens to spot Rhylee on the swim platform with ropes going out. Ross panics and radios every command under the sun to Rhylee EXCEPT “Get off the platform!”. In the wheelhouse, Captain yells at both.

They spill out on deck arguing. The guests crane their necks to hear the deckhand drama. Rhylee says it’s like Chandler all over again.  Rhylee says she needs more than a 10-minute warning to start work. Just last week these two were sucking face.

Balloons and Nipple Cake Birthday Bash

Adrian prepares a carrot cake for primary guest Brandy Coffee. She’s turning 43 and as we saw at that pathetic dance party doesn’t really know how to party yachtie style. Kate finds it annoying that an adult wants to celebrate a non-milestone b-day. Kate and Josiah Carter decorate for the birthday bash with balloons and inflatables. Gotta keep the guests happy.

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On Below Deck, Laura admires the cake which Adrian admits looks like a giant nipple. Laura tells producers she thinks Adrian is awesome but also a perv. Ashton Pienaar is up and moving about the boat. He’d like to get back to work but more importantly back to flirting with Laura. He won’t let that near-death incident hold him back.

A Somber Meeting on Below Deck

The pretentious poultry haters disembark and leave an average tip. Rhylee and newbie deckhand Tyler Rowland bond over chores on Below Deck. Apparently, both had failed engagements. Tyler tells some weird story about starting his own insurance agency at 21 and abandoning it quickly. Because he’s all about adrenaline rather than khakis and cubicles.

At the tip meeting, Ashton Pienarr thanks everyone for sitting with him while he was out of commission. Ashton actually offers to give up his tip to split between the others. Captain Lee says “no way” and the crew agrees. They watch the actual footage of the accident, and everyone is emotional.

That’s it for this week’s episode of Below Deck! Bravo’s extended preview showed much more drama to come on super-yacht My Seanna. 

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