Below Deck Recap: Caroline Unravels, Bloody Toddler, Five Star Flesh Wound

The Below Deck recap features bumbling stew Caroline Bedol leaving littlest guest Master Pierson with a bloody foot on Season 6 Episode 8 ‘Flesh Wounds Are Not Five Star’. Meanwhile, Rhylee Gerber stands up to doofus Bosun Chandler Brooks. And Captain Lee calls Kate as a witness after another disastrous day for the deck crew. So let’s climb aboard the latest edition of Bravo network’s yacht based drama!

Below Deck Recap

Captain Lee Rosbach tells the deck crew to “get their heads out of their asses”. Captain asks Chandler why he left guests with no towels, water or shoes. In true cowardly defensive fashion, Chandler stammers something like is that really his job to tell them to unload provisions. This excuse makes Captain see red. Chandler should’ve stepped up and owned the mistake as the Bosun.

They scatter to get ready for the day on Below Deck. Chandler tells his crew that they need to get it together because the mistakes “come back on him”. This guy is such a straight up narcissist. Ashton tells him they feel like chickens without heads. Rhylee is happy that Ashton spoke up.

In the kitchen, chef Adrian Martin chops cherry tomatoes with a vengeance and ignores third stew Caroline Bedol as she pitter-patters around the kitchen mumbling. He is done with her self-pity and negative vibe. The guests hated the last dinner so Chef’s got something to prove at tonight’s rock star themed dinner.

Rock Stars, Pork Loins and Dancing Kleenex Jokes

The Below Deck guests get ready for the rock star style themed dinner and Captain Lee will join the fun. Kate and Josiah transform the dining area with flashing lights and cut out stars. The guests go all out and even dress like rock stars although the end result is more like one of those 80’s second chance proms for middle-aged people.

The wannabe rock stars are served pork loins and cognac braised apples. Because that’s the preferred food that real rock stars eat. The guests give thumbs up to the meal and Adrian grandstands. 6-year-old Lady Tiernan who is more mature than most of the crew combined gets a laugh out the normally salty Captain Lee with a well-timed joke. “How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a boogie in it.”

Caroline Bedol’s Bloody Fail on Below Deck

Captain Lee is up and consulting with Chandler about today’s Below Deck excursion. After the previous outing left the guests feeling like extras on Gilligan’s Island, the island pig roast needs to go smoothly. They must ferry tableware, a pig and the guests to the island. Ross and Chandler navigate to the island and realize its full of reefs making night travel impossible. Ross explains it to Captain and they determine a tight timeline.

Caroline Bedol is solo on breakfast duty which is only croissants, coffee and, cocktails. Of course, one guest requests a Bloody Mary. Another pipes in she’d like a Guava Mimosa (which doesn’t even sound good). But what really unravels our eternally-frazzled third stew is an order for orange juice. A bead of sweat rolls down Caroline’s forehead and she turns ghost white.  She informs guests she might have to squeeze some. She begins running in circles and flopping around the kitchen like a fish out of water. The guests comment that she never seems to do or know anything.

Kate Chastain’s Mantra: Safety, Charter Guests, Captain, Crew

Kate walks into the sh*t storm that should’ve been a simple continental breakfast. The guest on the receiving end of Caroline’s attempt at a Bloody Mary is relieved to see the unflappable chief stew and asks if she can make her one. Josiah says Caroline reminds him of his Great Aunt May while she was in menopause. In an aside, Kate sums it up best: Caroline’s foot has healed but unfortunately she’s still Caroline Bedol.

So Chef Adrian gets a pig that looks like it was running and snorting just minutes ago. He will take the shortcut of roasting it in the ship’s oven and then throw it on a spit at the end for the guests who will never know the difference. Chandler keeps buzzing around attempting to act efficient about carrying ice over hours before the dinner. Kate and Josiah perform some sort of grapevine like dance and chant about the order of things on yachts : Safety, charter guests, Captain, crew.

Rhylee’s About to Take it to Captain

Chandler sips out of an insulated mug and finds Rhylee working to gather towels for the excursion. He immediately chastises her and makes a smart-ass comment about learning to read. Rhylee loses it and finally stands up for herself. Chandler tells her to stop because guests are in earshot on Below Deck. I personally don’t know how she hasn’t thrown him overboard by now. With a finger in his face, she tells him if he disses her one more time, she’s taking it to Captain.

It’s time to get the pig and guests to the island as daylight is waning. The pig now looks like leathery roadkill as it’s strung up. Chandler has navigated the sand and walkway to the beach all day carrying supplies. So everyone is flummoxed when he assists a charter guest right onto the slippery walkway and drops her like a stone. She hits hard and Chandler just kind of stands there. Ashton points out that Chandler is no longer just dropping the ball, but the guests as well.

Bloodied and Bruised Guests

The Below Deck guests enjoy pork and local dancers. Captain radios Chandler that he will dispatch taxis to the guests so they can stay a little longer. He also tells Caroline to have some drinks waiting when they get back. She makes a tray of Prosecco and teeters down the hall and suddenly we hear a crash. Half the bubbly was shattered on deck. Caroline is freaking out and rightly so. There is hand-wringing and a feeble radio to Captain about broken glass. It’s too late as four-year-old Pierson steps right on a shard and starts screaming bloody murder. “I’m bweeding Mommy, I’m bweeding!”

Josiah and Kate clean and pack up, surrounded by stray dogs, after dark and alone. Certainly, Kate is pissed that there is not ONE person from the deck crew helping. Captain Lee helps to calm the little one and facilitate clean up. Caroline hyperventilates and feigns illness. Upon learning of the wounded tot, she runs to the cabin and grabs his face like he’s a Pekinese dog and showers him with kisses.

Then the primary starts making drinks for everyone as well as bandaging up the charter guest Chandler dropped earlier. She whines through botox lips that Chandler did not apologize or administer antiseptic. Remember, this is the same guest who complained about her steak after scarfing the whole thing down plus the plastic flower garnish. She looks like she’s no stranger to a few drunken falls in her life so suck it up. You’re not four.

Big Boy Chandler Throws a Tantrum

Eventually, Kate and Josiah return. Caroline admits she broke glass, and the little boy was cut. Kate simple replies that “flesh wounds are not five-star”. Chandler tries to make amends with the guest he dropped like a hot potato. She accepts grudgingly.

Then Kate unloads how unfair it was that she and Josiah again were left with all the work. Captain delegates the deck crew to help Kate and puts her in charge of the evening’s tasks.

Later on Below Deck, Ashton Pienaar helps Caroline Bedol in the laundry room. He likes a manager that gives clear direction. Kate’s request annoys Chandler. He demands she say please. Seriously, dude? He grabs some Haagen Dazs and a bowl while everyone else is working. Kate says no ice cream break as he’s not finished working. He creepily claps back that he’s a big boy and will have his ice cream as he pleases. I’m pretty sure at this point that Chandler’s mom still cuts his meat for him. Of course, Kate mocks his big boy comment. Then he refers to her as “a glorified housekeeper”. Whoa.

Finally, the guests leave bandaged and bloody but ok. They drop a decent tip although Captain thinks they missed out on some extra mostly due to Chandler’s idiocy. Captain summons Kate to the wheelhouse to witness his conversation with Chandler. Unfortunately, fans of Below Deck will have to wait till next week to learn Chandler’s fate. Gonna be some rough sailing!

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