Below Deck Recap: Jacuzzi Hookups, a Drunk Crew, and Captain Lee Calls Out Chandler

Below Deck recap of Season 6 Episode 6 ‘Get Better or Go Home’ finds Bosun Chandler Brooks at the top of Captain Lee Rosbach‘s poop deck. A drunken Ashton Pienaar makes a pass at Rhylee Gerber and the primary and his girlfriend get busy on the Crow’s Nest. Let’s see who rocked the boat this week on the Bravo show!

Below Deck Recap – Dipsh*t Bosun Chandler Brooks Fishing Fail

On Below Deck, Ashton wakes up grumpy that he has to take part in the fishing trip with the guests. He prefers partying and working out and says fishing does nothing for him. Regardless, he and clueless Bosun Chandler head out with the thong-clad guests. Because neither know the first thing about fishing (they left seasoned fisherman Rhylee behind to swab the deck) the guests offer advice. Perhaps they should slow the boat down? Or use live bait rather than Chips Ahoy?

Not only is Chandler clueless about catching fish, he neglected to radio Captain Lee that he was taking the guests out to sea. The salty Captain is understandably pissed as Chandler continues his sh*t spiral on the yacht My Seanna. After scolding Chandler for his flagrant stupid streak, Chandler goes to raise the anchor. Attempting to save face he radios Captain that he’s free to maneuver. Captain Lee responds with “I’ve been free to maneuver for 30 seconds you dipsh*t”.

Chef Adrian Martin offers up a Breast Massage to Kate Chastain

It’s no secret this season that fan favorite Adrian Martin’s hands work magic in the kitchen. It was a little surprising to hear the zen chef offer Kate Chastain a breast massage after she stresses about today’s work load.  Kate tells producers yes it was kinda inappropriate but shrugs it off as a compliment.

Chandler continues his pure ass attitude to Rhylee, chastising her for not putting her cleaning tools away. Rhylee tells him she did put her tools away, why didn’t he question the other two male deckhands.

Below Deck: Sandbars, Stingrays and Sharks on Below Deck

Bumbling Bosun Chandler decides to ignore Ross Inia’s advice of at least leaving one deck crew member back at the yacht while they take the guests out to swim with stingrays and sharks. Lunch will be served at the sandbar half underwater. Kates floating bar looks incredible.

The social media thirsty guests are loving everything including the harmless reef sharks circling around. Chef Adrian arrives with an abundance of Sushi boats making this one of the most creative and cool lunches ever served on Below Deck.

Captain Lee – Not one Swinging Dick on Board

Rain threatens to cut the idyllic lunch short. Captain Lee finds himself with an overflowing Jacuzzi and in his words “not one swingin’ dick on board”. It’s a ship term, but with the crew of Below Deck, it takes on a whole new meaning?

Again radio calls to Chandler go unanswered and Captain is at the end of his rope with Chandler’s unending incompetence.

The guests return from their aquatic lunch and hit the Jacuzzi. Captain sends Caroline up to see if they need drinks. Primary requests coconut water with one blueberry one strawberry and one mint leaf. Another requests the coconut and rum concoction Kate made earlier, and one just chooses water. This sends our still big footed 3rd stew over the edge.

Again flummoxed by fruit, Caroline radios Kate in tearful panic on Below Deck. Kate points out to producers that she just served lunch in shark infested waters yet it’s Caroline that’s freaking out.

Chandler Brooks throws Ashton Pieenar Under the Bus to Captain Lee

Chandler is summoned to the wheelhouse yet again to answer to his many fails on this charter. Of course he owns nothing and throws the rest of his crew under the bus specifically naming Ashton. In truth it’s Chandler who keeps dropping the ball. He stumbles and stammers and makes excuses. Lee threatens consequences if he doesn’t get his act together. The scorned Bosun calls Captain Lee a fu*king asshole on his way back to blame everyone else for his incompetence.

Caroline is still complaining about her foot being poppy and in pain. Kate offers to take late shift so she can rest. In her confessional Kate likens stew Josiah to a show dog who is quick to respond to task, walks tall and looks great. She says Caroline is more like a skittish scared chihuahua one finds in the street who jumps at loud noises.

Tea Party Rave and Crows Nest Hook-Up Watchers

Kate and Josiah decorate for the charter’s final dinner. Kate calls the decor “tea party rave”. The guests enjoy Adrian’s final creations and decide to spread out after dinner (literally). One couple goes to bed, a few retire to the Jacuzzi. The primary and his girlfriend retreat to the crows nest where things get kinky.

Caroline spills the beans on the horny guests. Kate, Caroline and Adrian race to the crows nest camera for some voyeuristic viewing.  There’s no doubt the two guests are rocking the boat. Adrian points out the full eagle spread and they all laugh, simultaneously disgusted and entertained.

Below Deck-No Selfie Control

The crew gathers in their whites to say good bye to the insta-obsessed guests. Proving they have no selfie control they are snapping pics right up to the end of their departure. Caroline stands like a Flamingo with her engorged foot tucked up underneath her. Kate calls Captain Lee and they arrange for a follow up doctor visit for the mobility challenged stew.

After passing out the tip of 15 grand the crew sets out to flip the boat and prepare for a night on the town . Caroline returns with a vague diagnosis once again and was told to be off the foot for two days.

Ashton to Rhylee – I’m your Ice Cream Man

Glad to be out of their yachtie uniforms the crew head to get their drink on. It isn’t long before shots flow. They discuss dad bods and Ashton dances with every woman in sight. Kate calls Ashton’s Patrick Swayze-esque moves ‘Dirty Dancing: The Tahitian Nights Edition’.

Luckily they make it back with no incidents other than catching a good buzz. The bed ridden Caroline hears them come back and starts running around the boat fulfilling those Chihuahua like behaviors Kate referenced. Ashton heads to Rhylee’s bunk and she fends off his advances. He decides he needs Ice Cream instead. Rhylee isn’t averse to hooking up with him but not when he’s drunk and creeping around.

Caroline Bedol- I am Not an Animal I am Third Stew

Kate Chastain is trying to reel in Caroline and put her to bed in the guest quarters. e There’s no crying in yachting and the ship must go on. Caroline whines and resists. Kate tells her she’s got to get better or go home. Now exiled to the guest quarter bedroom she wails much like the elephant man about how she’s a human being and shouldn’t be treated like this. Because getting to sleep in a comfortable bed instead of a sardine tin is such torture? Till next week sail on mates!

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