Below Deck Recap: Ashton Goes Overboard – Season 6 Episode 10

This week’s Below Deck recap has a cliffhanger in the terrifying aftermath of Ashton Pienaar going overboard. Also, the crew wraps a high maintenance charter sans departed bosun Chandler Brooks and third stew Caroline BedolKate Chastain and Josiah Carter pick up the slack, although there’s a new stew on the horizon. Newly minted Bosun Ross Inia and Rhylee Gherber are at each other’s throats.

Later, they end up “in” each other’s throats after a boozy day off.  While fans of Bravo’s Below Deck believed last night’s episode would address Ashton’s life or death situation, a “to be continued” warning flashed during footage of the accident. So fans must wait another week. Let’s dive in to this week’s drama on the high seas!

Charter Guests to Chef Adrian – We’d like Fries With That – Rhylee Disses Ross

We join the downsized crew on day two of a charter. The guests have taken selfies under a waterfall and are ready to return to super-yacht My Seanna. Things are going smoothly considering these guests are high-maintenance and yacht-experienced. Kate Chastain goes to discuss dinner with Chef Adrian Martin and guests. The guests want some good old comfort food. Mainly some burgers and fries. While Adrian agrees to accommodate, we see his judgment seep through.

Then new Bosun boss Ross radios a task to Rhylee Gerber on Below Deck. The easily angered Alaskan snaps back about having “things to do too”. Captain Lee Rosbach catches this on radio and is not happy about it. He summons Ross and questions her piss poor attitude. The ever-patient Ross defends her as an asset to the crew, but admits she can be “aggressive”. So Cap says she can shape up or ship out.

Plastic Dinosaurs and Lamb Sliders on Below Deck

Later, Kate and Josiah open a bag of brightly colored toy plastic dinosaurs to scatter among the dinner table centerpiece. Table decor on the Bravo reality hit Below Deck has become a breakout star in its own right. The guests are supposedly top notch and sophisticated. Yet they want plastic dinosaurs and burgers. The irony. Could have just ordered up some happy meals.

Adrian adds French flair to the comfort food. He stuffs lobster into pasta shells for an upscale mac-n-cheese and prepares lamb burger sliders. Editing makes the guests seem disappointed. However, when the truffle fries are served the guests gush over the fancied up fast food.

Kate Chastain says No to The Slide – Adrian is All In

After their comfort food binge, the guests want to go down the slide in the dark. Fans of Below Deck know how much the crew hates the cumbersome slide. They’d like Kate to join them. But then Kate politely says no adding “she never learned how to swim.” Adrian agrees to barrel down into the pitch black waters in his chef attire. he emerges with man bun intact. A little soggy but intact.

The crew works late into the night. The next morning the normally perfectly coiffed Josiah, who has picked up Caroline Bedol’s skivvie laundry duty, looks disheveled. Ross remarks that he’s no longer aerodynamic.

The Magic of Truffle Oil on Below Deck

The charter guests nosh on Adrian’s truffle-oiled eggs and offer the highest praise. Apparently, truffle oil is a magic elixir for these guests on Below Deck. After a tip meeting, everyone settles into their respective duties. Kate and Josiah are briefed on Laura Betancourt, the new stew. She will be on board shortly.

Laura arrives in all her new-girl glory. The guys are immediately gaga over the Canadian brunette. She will room with Chef. Rhylee feels left out upon seeing Laura’s reception by the male crew. Laura tells us in a pre-recorded bio that she’s got loads of yacht experience all over the world. She even had a gig as a chief stew

Kate finds Laura Annoying – Chef Adrian Calls her ‘Valley Girl’

It’s time for newbie stew Laura to meet Chief Stew and queen bee Kate. Laura would like a tour of the yacht and Kate and Josiah oblige. The new stew runs her fingers over coffee tables and grumbles about musty smells and white carpets. It’s like she’s channeling your mother in law. Kate immediately finds her annoying. Adrian is suspicious of her claim to be Canadian as her accent is straight out of the movie “Clueless”.

Per Captain Lee’s order’s Adrian will barbecue for the gang tonight and tomorrow will be a day off. The crew on Below Deck will spend the day at beach club La Meridien. Meat isn’t the only thing being grilled as the guys want to know if Laura is single. Adrian breaks into a kind of Hare Krishna type dance while making the crew a delish spread.

Ashton Pienaar and Adrian Compete for New Stew’s Attention

The crew heads to the beach club for a day of libations and relaxation. Greeted with mai tais, they head to the pool to chill. Clouds and thunder roll in. Kate, who resides in Florida, says she feels right at home with the old people and thunderstorms. Adrian warns Laura about Ashton Pienaar, referring to him as “octosnake”. Meaning he will try to snake right in.

Rhylee and Laura decide to kayak once the clouds have cleared. Ross, Adrian, and Ashton Pienaar sit perched like hyenas watching for prey. Ashton can take the temptation of the bikinied babes on boats no longer and races out to join the party. Rhylee returns to shore annoyed. Never a dull moment when the crew gets a day off on Below Deck.

Next, Ross and Adrian watch Ashton Pienaar make his moves on Laura. Adrian says Ashton is keen on anything “with a hole”. Then Ross admits that while Rhylee drives him nuts on deck, the more he imbibes the hotter he finds her. Adrian confesses he’s not much of a one-hit wonder. He doesn’t enjoy meaningless sex.

Not surprising for a dude who just fashioned a crafty dream catcher while the gang took a break from the rain. Ashton is standing on a rock doing some thunder down under moves and gesturing at Laura who’s chatting up Adrian. Laura is amused but tells Chef that Ashton doesn’t stand a chance.

Ross and Rhylee Make Out

The boozy crew heads back to the boat. Ross stumbles into Rhylee’s bunk and some tonsil hockey ensues. Ashton watches the short-lived action and heads to the hot tub with some Corona and Laura in tow. The heat remains in the jacuzzi bubbles, however, as they make small talk about their failed relationships.

In the morning the crew on Below Deck gets briefed on new guests. The primary is Brandy Coffee whose name sounds like a cross between a stripper and morning show host. Ms. Coffee is looking forward to this vacay as a single lady. She’s brought a long some other singletons and a few couples. Of course, they are gluten-free and request tequila in their hands at all times.

Broken Glass Again On Below Deck

Later, new stew Laura Betancourt, a self-described “doer”, stacks champagne glasses on a linen-covered tray. Then we hear the familiar sound as champagne glasses crash to the floor. Kate is visibly annoyed as she just got rid of stemware-shattering stew Caroline Bedol. Laura suggests to Kate that the un-ironed linen was at fault. Kate shows her a simple serving trick to keep glasses intact.

Tyler Rowland, the new deck-hand, reports for duty on Below Deck. The hot young adrenaline junkie will bunk with Rhylee and she is thrilled. So he tells us in an aside that he is a surfer dude who wants to jump into forest fires out of helicopters. So, he gave up working sailboats because yachting is more lucrative. As he puts it “if you can charter a yacht then you’ve got f*cking money”.

Ashton Pienaar goes Overboard on Below Deck – Fate to be Continued

The ship has sailed and everything appears to be fine. Brandy and guests have tequila in hand and are admiring the view.  Below Deck fans have been teased for weeks about a terrifying accident involving Ashton Pienaar and his going overboard. The show seems to be wrapping up with credits rolling. Ashton Pienaar and Rhylee toss ropes on deck. Then suddenly Ashton’s leg is tangled in rope and he slips into the Tahitian sea. Fans must wait till next week to find out the aftermath of Ashton’s fall. (Although we know he survived).

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