Below Deck Recap: Kate Chastain Drunk Ramen Binge – Season 6 Episode 4

The Below Deck recap of Season 6 Episode 4 ‘Bitch in Charge’ (That’s Bravo’s name for the show) finds Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter’s late-night banter and Ramen noodle fest leaves Caroline Bedol feeling left out. Captain Lee is in fancy florals for a boozy beach luau complete with fire twirlers. Rhylee Gerber is fed up with Bosun Chandler Brook’s constant dissing. Let’s ride the wave of crazy on this week’s Below Deck S6 E4 episode.

Below Deck- Ross Inia Rocks the Boat

After last week’s Below Deck had rained-out massages and rough weather prevented the guests from swimming, tensions are running a little high, especially with the deck crew. Ross Inia did not appreciate Rhylee “I’m also a boat captain!” Gerber interfering as she suggested the guests not climb into the water.

They may get slammed into rocks and miss out on happy hour on the Lido deck. Ross takes his concerns about Rhylee overstepping and Bosun Chandler Brook’s piss-poor communications straight to Captain Lee. Captain appreciates his concerns and tells Ross he’s doing a great job.

A little surprising considering the salty sea captain usually scoffs at this sort of schoolyard tattling, preferring to think the ginormous boat is being helmed by adults. The Below Deck captain shared on Bravo’s site that your work should speak more than your mouth.

BFF Josiah Carter is the Best Stew Ever! Kate Chastain

In the galley, the mood is much lighter as Kate Chastain and Adrian Martin plan for a beach luau. Chef Adrian, who rocks a man bun, practices yoga and is a unicorn personified rattles off his culinary ideas while Kate tries to procure dancers, flamethrowers and musicians.

Kate is giddy over the bond she shares with Below Deck second stew Josiah Carter and tells Adrain he’s the best stew she’s ever had! A skittish Caroline Bedol comes into the midst of kitchen bliss and babbles incoherently about Chandler who refused to help her with the dishes the night before.

Below Deck Chief Stew Kate gently reminds her without using any facial muscles whatsoever that it’s usually the lower-ranked deckhands who would help in the kitchen. Caroline scurries like a frightened chipmunk to apologize to a very confused Chandler.

Below Deck – Kate pushes Caroline to Conceive a Yacht Baby with Chandler

Then on Below Deck, Kate and Caroline prepare for the guests and Kate teases that Caroline should conceive a child with Chandler and name it after the boat, Seanna, with Kate as a middle name. This flusters and confuses Caroline, as does pretty much everything. BFF Josiah arrives and he and Kate launch into their unintentional Mean Girl cult talk, leaving Caroline out in the cold once again.

The Below Deck guests arrive and Kate plies them with margaritas and fiery entertainment. Captain Lee rocks a floral print cabana shirt and Adrian’s dinner wows again. The primary jokes that he is taking Adrian home with them. Local dancers appear and suddenly it’s a sea of gyrating junk and twirling fire. The charter guests whoo hoo and clap like spectators at a high school football game.

The primary’s wife wastes no time getting some groin level video footage on her I-phone.

Ashton and Rhylee’s Stinky Snuggles

Back on the boat, Chandler comes across Caroline tucked down catching a smoke. They have some awkward small talk about post-charter season plans. That’s usually a precursor of death to a boat-bound relationship. She tells him he’s guarded and she appreciates him talking to her. This leads to a Jim Halpert-esque (The Office) “I’m completely confused and slightly disturbed” looks from Chandler.

Rhylee snuggles with a stinky Ashton but aborts quickly saying she should leave before people talk. Or because big guys who works out and consume a lot of egg whites don’t make good snuggle mates in close quarters. She then answers a radio call from Bosun Chandler who leaves her with all the clean up from the luau.

He says the lesser deckhands should get the s*it jobs. What is this guy’s problem?!! As the wise but weathered Captain Lee later says “Chandler has a hard-on for Rhylee and I don’t mean that in the biblical sense”.

Stale Cheetos and Chandler’s PMS

The sun shines bright on the last day of charter on Below Deck. Adrian is preparing mini lobster quiche for breakfast. Is this guy for real? Who doesn’t want to take him home? The guests leave proclaiming this their best charter ever and leave a lofty tip. We are treated to the obligatory grainy bunk film montage of body parts and underwear.

Caroline and Rhylee have girl talk in their skivvies. Rhylee gets the call from a PMS-y Chandler yet again that she has f*cked up. She needs to be hauling luggage in her whites like the rest of ’em. Ashton pumps out chest flyes with an exercise band shirtless. Kate and Josiah nosh stale Cheetos and imagine Ashton and Rhylee having sex like two alligators fighting over a hamhock.

Caroline is trolling around and they tell her they really do want to include her in their clique. Kate Chastain sends them off to their respective stew duties and heads off to get the Captain clean underwear and juice.

Below Deck – Cry Baby Chandler

While Rhylee bitches about Chandler to Ross, Chandler cries about Rhylee to Captain. Tired of the kindergarten chaos of his Below Deck crew, he tells him to suck it up. Rhylee may be tough to get along with but she’s doing her job. We end with the gang out on the town imbibing espresso martinis and a shot called an orgasm.

Rhylee keeps the Below Deck editing crew in business as her nips need blurred on the regular. She needs more than just the liquid-variety O as she’s on a dry spell. Ashton tells the camera that Rhylee is “naw-teee” and he’s a tad bit excited about that.

Lady and the Arch-Nemesis – Below Deck Recap

Back on the Below Deck yacht, it’s late-night raid in the kitchen time. Caroline and Rhylee go for the peach cake while Josiah whips up Ramen for Kate Chastain. Chandler decides to join the peach cake party and Rhylee bounces. Rhylee informs a wasted Josiah and Kate that they are eating cake Lady and the Tramp style which doesn’t sit well with her because Chandler is her “arch-nemesis”.

As K & J scarf Ramen they again poke fun at the beleaguered Caroline and she confronts them. Too wasted to make sense we will have to wait till next week to see if Caroline can hang with the cool kids! That’s all the action from Below Deck Season 6 Episode 4.

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