Below Deck Recap: Caroline’s Big Foot – Cheetos Binge and Captain Lee in the Crow’s Nest

Below Deck recap Season 6 Episode 5 ‘Naked Smoothies’ has Caroline Bedol waking with a swollen foot and Kate Chastain on a Cheetos binge after a booze fest. Bosun Chandler Brooks is clueless and Captain Lee catches some rays on the crow’s nest before this week’s Instagram obsessed charter guests arrive. Let’s climb on board!

Below Deck recap: Caroline Bedol (and her foot) are Tired of Two-Faced BS

Caroline wakes up on the wrong and only side of her cubby/bed and her foot has unexplainably quadrupled in size. She cannot catch a break. This plus Kate and Josiah dissing her in their Vodka and Ramen fueled slumber party has our formerly precocious third stew in a nasty mood. She calls to the BFFs who are still eating cheesy snacks and bed head.

When confronted, Kate pulls the “I was drunk so I don’t remember” card. Drama aside, charter guests are arriving today so Kate sends Caroline to clump away on her fat foot and fold laundry sitting down.

On the Below Deck recap, boring Bosun Chandler is bitching in the galley about the crew mess: it’s disgusting. Kate’s name is down for clean-up and he calls her out to Rhylee and Ashton for never cleaning. Kate rolls in and Rhylee confronts her. Kate icily claps back that all she does is clean after spoiled charter guests – therefore, she’s exempt from cleaning for the crew.

Ashton Pienaar Warns Rhylee Not to Take On Kate

Season 6 Below Deck’s token eye candy Ashton swings from a harness washing windows on the giant sea vessel – My Seanna. This amuses Kate who would like to try this swinging contraption. Rhylee bites back with a snarky comment about Kate being too busy to clean much less to joy-ride on an apparatus with Ashton. Boy toy claps back at Rhylee to stay in her lane when it comes to Kate. He warns there’s a hierarchy here and Kate’s the glass ceiling.

Below Deck recap – Captain Lee Chills on the Below Deck Crow’s Nest

As the crew prepares for new guests, Captain Lee catches rays In the Crow’s Nest. With his deck crew behaving like kindergartners, it’s a much-needed respite for the no-nonsense captain.

Kate reveals that the incoming charter primary is Charles Yim of Shark Tank fame who invented the iPhone breathalyzer. She categorizes them as “new money” which can mean high maintenance as they want to try everything new all at once.

Caroline Gets a Digit Diagnosis – Adrian Feasts On Putrid Pizza

Adrian is busy concocting himself a skinned-fowl pizza. The rest chow down on Chinese takeout. Ashton asks Adrian about his effortless cooking prowess and Adrian says he doesn’t even use recipes. We are treated to a few photos of young chubby Adrian working at his Dad’s barbecue.

Caroline returns with a diagnosis of an infection making her foot puff like a Kardashian backside. These things just happen in Tahiti the doc said and blamed it on a mosquito (maybe).. Kate is grossed out but not worried enough to let Caroline off any stew duties. There’s no rest in yachting!

Selfies and Natural Selection – Below Deck recap

Per Captain Lee’s advice that people do better when they have a game plan, Chandler sets a meeting. But it’s pointless and Chandler literally brings nothing to the table leaving the deck hands floundering again.

Charter guests arrive and barely make it onto the boat before Instagramming everything in their path sparing only Caroline’s engorged extremity. Kate Chastain feels this is next level natural selection. She’s sure Darwin is coming for the primary and his guests who she refers to as hashtag “new friends”.

Chandler Rags on Rhylee and Orange Peels Unravel Caroline

The Below Deck recap shows Chandler continues his non-biblical hard-on for Rhylee. He makes her work while he takes yet another break but micromanages her every move. The guests want tequila shots and Bigfoot Caroline goes to gather them. A request for orange peel garnish completely pushes her over the edge. Sasquatch Caroline can only take so much.

Kate puts Josiah on service so the guests can get their citrus libations. Josiah is already over the boat peeps’ obsession with their phones and social media. The guests ignore mythical man-bunned chef Adrian Martin when he comes to greet them, preferring to count Insta likes instead. The culinary yogi can’t understand taking pictures of beautiful sunsets rather than just enjoying the experience.

Naked Smoothies

After water slides and jet skis, the guests retire to their respective quarters. Caroline is in pain but Chief Stew Kate is like “the show must go on” elephantiasis of the foot or not. She asks Chandler for help and he responds like the true p***k he is. She calls him a narcissist which is an understatement. How about lazy clueless tool?

Kate receives a service call from the primary and finds him crouched naked behind a door requesting smoothies. Even the unflappable Kate Chastain is a little rattled by this nude room service request. Throw a towel over it dude!

Chandler’s Radio Ga-Ga on Below Deck

The deck crew put away slides and Chandler tells them to go up a radio frequency so he can alienate and bash Rhylee without her hearing. Captain Lee tries several times to reach him then Caroline spills the beans about the frequency change.

Captain Lee summons Chandler to his quarters and he pulls out his best Eddie Haskell kiss-assery which falls flat with Captain. He’s not risking his and everyone else’s lives over his Bosun’s flagrant stupidity.

Watermelon Clouds and Sloppy Seconds

On Below Deck, Adrian prepares some sort of tequila-soaked watermelon cloud thing for the guests while cotton candy swirls around his head. Caroline is sent to tidy the primary’s quarters and is greeted with (her words) a juicy condom on the bedside table.

She summons Ashton (who Kate is covering in fig leaves and little else) hoping the guests will put down their phones for one second. He helps her dispose of the nasty latex souvenir of today’s naked smoothie break.

The guests want to go deep-sea fishing and Rhylee “I’m also a boat captain ” is thrilled as this is right in her wheelhouse! She informs the ever-sleeping Chandler about the 6:30 AM planned charter. He removes his binky long enough to squash her plan and tell her that he and Ashton will go.

This season is as sloppy as last and it’s all in good fun. Till next week here’s to watermelon clouds and smooth sailing!

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