‘Below Deck’ Recap: Laura Clashes with Kate – Ashton Goes Commando – ‘Check Yourself’ Season 6 Episode 12

This week’s Below Deck recap sees Chief Stew Kate Chastain and newbie Laura Betancourt vent their frustrations. ‘Check Yourself’ Season 6 Episode 12 has a bit of everything we love about Bravo’s lusty boat drama. The crew gets a night out and a new charter comes on board.  Let’s hit the high seas for all the scoop.

Below Deck: Ashton and Ross have a Moment

In sunny Tahiti, the crew readies for the next charter. Rhylee Gerber gives orders to new deckhand Tyler Rowland. Certainly, Rhylee likes being boss for a change. Tyler gets excited for his first night out since joining the crew. Rhylee’s advice: know when to wrap it up.

Ashton Pienaar is still reeling from his fall overboard on Below Deck. So, Ross Inia wants to have a minute to discuss the scary incident. Ashton says he felt safe only when Ross grabbed him up in a bear hug off the tender. What a sweet bromantic moment.

Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter prep for new guests. Meanwhile, Laura Betancourt, new stew, checks on laundry. Kate questions Laura’s character and work habits. She’s been critical of everything since she came on board.

Ashton Goes Commando

Next, on Bravo’s Below Deck, fans are treated to a montage as the crew gets ready to party. Ashton’s rear end makes a cameo as he will go commando tonight for easy access. Social media is lit up about the cheeky South African’s rear close-up.

The crew hits up a cool restaurant and order drinks. Laura orders tequila and Perrier in an attempt to be cool. But it really just made her sound 50. Kate cannot hide her eye-rolls at this point. Rhylee orders onion rings and flirts with Tyler.

Laura refuses to shut up for one second at dinner. Josiah thinks she needs to settle down. Kate inquires whether the crew should call it a night. After all, the crew has a big day cleaning tomorrow. Laura vetoes the idea prompting Kate to say “I’m not really asking you”.

Below Deck – Rhylee Overhears a Urinal Confession

On Below Deck Ashton and Tyler take a smoke break. Laura joins them and Ashton asks Tyler to scoot. Laura’s upset about being dissed at dinner by Kate. Ashton provides a broad shoulder to cry on. Wonder if Laura knows he’s commando?

Ross and Tyler hit the bathroom and take a whiz side-by-side. Tyler asks if it’s cool to make the moves on Rhylee. Ross says sure, he’d be doing him a favor. Busted! Rhylee is close by and overhears the urinal talk. She confronts them when they come out

Rhylee, who’s dressed like the farmer’s daughter in a low budget porno, is pissed. Ross is all sheepish and defensive on Below Deck. Rhylee storms off and returns to superyacht My Seanna all alone.

Laura’s Not Fond of Dild*s – Tells Ashton She’s “Sorerryy”

The Below Deck crew are back on board. Tyler heads to his bunk (he’s Rhylee’s roommate) and crawls in bed with her. Rhylee is down to “cuddle”. Shots flow, and Laura admits she’s not down with adult “toys” for ladies. She also mentions that Kate and Josiah don’t like her.

Josiah tells Kate what Laura said. Kate heads back down to the mess to confront her. Laura tells Kate she’s mean. The two argue and Kate calls out her attitude when she first came on board. Kate heads to bed. Ashton comforts Laura over more beers.

Laura has had it with Kate’s mean girl act and criticism. She goes off on a rant and says she is sorerryy in her valley girl speak. Ashton gives her some words of wisdom and asks to kiss her. Wowed by his advice Laura gives in as things heat up on Below Deck.

Adrian’s Confused and Ashton and Laura Continue the Party On The Crows Nest

Chef Adrian is a tad confused when a boozy Laura arrives at their bunk. She’s heading to the crow’s nest with Ashton and a comforter in tow. Adrian reminds us he’s in an open relationship. Laura’s been flirty with him and held his hand at dinner. So what gives?

Next up on Below Deck viewers see a montage of everyone’s respective evenings. Ross passes out. Ashton and Laura roll around under a comforter. Kate and Josiah eat Cheetos and go to sleep. Two stray dogs hump outside and Rhylee looks dead.

As a new day dawns, Rhylee lives and has a spring in her step after her cuddle sesh with Tyler. Laura is giddy about her night with Ashton but tells Adrian there was no “hook up”. Kate thinks hookups are good for morale. Captain Lee Rosbach catches some rays.

Twas The Night before Charter – and all through the Yacht Not a Creature Was Stirring Except Rhylee And a Mosquito

Laura tells producers that Kate reminds her of a pesky mosquito buzzing around while she tries to sleep. Josiah tries to make nice with Laura in the kitchen. He doesn’t want to deal with another Caroline Bedol situation.

Over dinner, Ross apologizes to Rhylee for his comments in the bar’s bathroom. She says they’re good. And then Rhylee and Tyler get busy again. We hear Rhylee panting and moaning. The randy roommates are certainly on the same wavelength on Below Deck.

Captain Lee calls a meeting with Kate, Adrian and Ross. Because the incoming charter are all co-primaries. Adrian clarifies that instead of focusing on just one guest, it’s ass-kissing across the board.

Below Deck – Goodfellas On Board – Fuhgeddaboudit!

On Below Deck, the guests arrive and the crew speculates that at least one has ties to the mob. Josiah thinks guest Richard is in the Italian Maff-ia. He tries his hand at mob speak and says “fuhgeddaboudit”. Maybe Josiah has watched too much “Sopranos”.

Next, Adrian works his magic on a seafood lunch. Kate banishes Laura to laundry and enlists Rhylee to help serve. Laura takes this as a real slap in the face. One guest, in particular, is wowed by Chef’s lunch. She happens to be Richard “The Mob Guy’s” wife.

The new guests would like to take a cruise on the tender. So, Ashton agrees to drive and asks Kate for backup. Kate sends Laura to get her out of her hair. Laura is fine with being with Ashton and away from Kate for the day on Below Deck.

Laura – Turn Down For What? You Better Check Yourself

Adrian, Kate, and Josiah prepare for dinner service. Kate decorates the table in red and black Godfather chic. She sends Laura to do turndowns. Adrian prepares a mussel appetizer and seafood pasta for the guest’s first dinner.

Things are going great until Kate slips into guests quarters to check Laura’s turndowns. She finds that one of the guest’s wives has a wardrobe fit for Morticia Adams and not a Tahitian cruise. Because towels are strewn on the floor and the cabins are a mess on Below Deck.

Then Kate summons Laura to the masters and Laura is all excuses and attitude. Kate tells her not to argue with guests in earshot. Laura goes OFF and tells Kate she needs to get her s*it together and check herself. Oh boy, this is not gonna be good for Laura!

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