Below Deck Recap: Truffle Mousse, Picky Toddlers and Stranded Guests – Captain Lee at Wits End

Below Deck Recap for Season 6 Episode 7 ‘New Kids on the Dock’ finds Captain Lee Rosbach at the end of his proverbial rope with the increasingly inept deck crew. Ever calm Chef Adrian Martin starts to crack a little under the pressure of the picky patrons which include two precocious children. Bosun Chandler Brooks eats cornflakes in the mess, oblivious to the fact the people are stranded with sting rays and sharks with no shoes, water or towels. Third stew and martyr in chief Caroline Bedol continues her pity party and Kate Chastain tries to keep the clients happy. Lets set sail for this weeks drama!

Below Deck Recap: Caroline Bedol – Grounded and Grumpy on Below Deck

On Below Deck, Caroline wakes up in the comfy guest quarter bed whiny and full of self pity. She claims she was grounded like a child by Kate Chastain. She stops by the soup can sized bunk she shares with Rhylee Gerber to complain some more. Rhylee sleepily informs her she slept in her bunk. The same one where she rebuffed Ashton Pienaar’s drunken advances. Rhylee tells producers at her age she now calls the shots on booty calls.

Caroline’s morning goes from bad to worse as she comes upon Kate and Josiah, new bffs forever, discussing her blowfish of a foot. Kate has just said that she DIDN’T think Caroline was faking it. Josiah confirms that, but Caroline proceeds to have a tantrum anyway.

Picky Eaters on Charter and its Not The Kids

The Below Deck recap reveals Captain Lee calling Kate, Chandler and Adrian to the preference meeting. The primary and his wife are descried as a “power couple” and are bringing their small children along. The 8 adults on board have a list a mile long of food restrictions and allergies. Chef Adrian will need to do lots of yoga this charter to deal with this group who Kate says probably met at a gluten free support group.

Captain Lee turns to bumbling Bosun Chandler and asks if he has a plan. He stares blankly and replies its good. I hardly think Chandler could understand instructions to color a picture inside the lines much less be in charge of a giant yacht with two toddlers on board. Captain warns that the two kids must have life jackets on at all times when they step out of the cabin.

Below Deck – Plans for a White Party

The Below Deck guests have requested a white party. Kate sends Caroline off to open cabinets and pull out anything white. This simple task pushes our frazzled stew almost to tears. Josiah agrees to take over the white decor before she melts down completely. The vacationers nosh on chicken salads. 4-yr old charter guest Pearson shuns the veggies but orders sparkling water. Primary gleefully tells the crew that their kids eat what they eat, no chicken nuggets for these kids.

Kate points out to the Below Deck producers that if you’re going to spend a lot of money to go on vacation you can also afford to pay a lot to keep the kids at home. Basically, the kids are very well behaved save for a meltdown by Pearson when his mom removes a plastic starfish from him at the table.

Chef Adrain calls Out Caroline’s Bad Vibe and Rhylee Can Do Nothing Right

The Below Deck recap watches as Caroline sulks around the boat Adrian jumps through hoops to please the dietary restricted patrons. Adrian tells her to take her bad vibe elsewhere. She accuses him of judging her and not knowing what she’s going through. He informs her that his father passed away last month so there. Kate calls out his savagery but is secretly proud of him.

Rhylee and Ashton butt heads about deck tasks because Chandler is full of contradictions and gibberish. His apparent hatred of Rhylee for no real reason is causing mad tension for everyone.

Pint Sized Guest Tiernan is No Fan Of Adrian’s Truffle Foam on Below Deck

In a funk after his run in with Caroline Adrian gets behind on dinner while the guests complain. The first course of vichyssoise with truffle foam is a hit with the adults but the primary’s little daughter Tiernan confides to mom she’s not a fan of Adrain’s latest culinary cloud. Chef gets some steaks out to the diners (4 yr old Master Pearson orders his medium).

Dinner is a hot mess with the most making faces and struggling to cut the meat. The primary’s wife disses the Mahi-mahi as disgusting. Up until this point she’s played the part of the perfect Burberry clad super mom with good hair. After that classless comment I can see her locked in the bathroom while the kids are off to Pre-School swigging Smirnoff eating stale Oreos while crying.

Rainbows , Butterflies and Adrian is Fake News

The guests dish up their complaints to Kate. She informs Josiah that while she doesn’t mind giving negative feedback to chefs, this time its not warranted. Adrian was pressed for time and these people are picky. She points out that one of the chief complainers sure didn’t mind scarfing down the whole steak complete with garnish.

Caroline, whose lip is curling like a rabid dog tells producers that Adrian is nothing but fake news. She calls him out for preaching his rainbow and butterfly view of life when he’s really a jerk. She heads to the kitchen to burst his bubble by telling him the bad things everyone said about the food.

Chandler Dips Yet Again on Below Deck

Caroline’s anxiety reaches a fever pitch as orders for some cucumber , jalapeno, prosecco mojito cocktail come in. Kate once again concocts the drinks and sends her to fold and turn laundry. Rhylee is working on deck getting jet skis, floats and toys ready as she was told to do by Chandler earlier. Chandler of course gaslights her by changing the story. Everyone but Chandler seems to know that the guests are going on an afternoon excursion to swim with stingrays. A perfect activity for small kids right?

Chandler dips out on his responsibilities again as he decides to stay in the mess and drink coffee rather than help deliver the visitors and supplies for the excursion. He admits he doesn’t feel like dealing with Rhylee. Who has done nothing but her job by the way.

Slimy Sting Rays and Stranded Guests

The guests swim with the sting rays and reef sharks. The primary’s wife squeals in distress that the stingray’s are slimy and all over her. It’s a wonder she’s had two kids. They emerge thirsty and in need of towels and shoes. The primary realizes they have been left by the hapless crew with no provisions.  One guest says it’s like ‘Gilligan’s Island’.

The primary calls Kate and lets her know they want picked up ASAP. She tells Captain Lee who of course radios Chandler to no avail. After a few sweeps past the stranded guests, Chandler and Ross recover them to the yacht. The always forward thinking Kate awaits with extra premium pina coladas topped with floaters and gold dust.

Below Deck- Captain Lee’s Gonna Eat Someone’s Ass for Dinner

With the guests safely ensconced on the Below Deck yacht “My Seanna” Kate offers the Captain such dinner. He declines and says he will be eating someone’s ass for dinner. After apologizing to the primary he radios the deck crew to the wheelhouse. The motley crew stand at attention while the Captain promises changes that won’t make everyone happy!

Till next week smooth sailing Below Deck fans!

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