Below Deck Recap: Chandler Booted – Caroline Jumps Ship – Captain Lee Grills Kate

On the Below Deck recap bumbling Bosun Chandler Brooks finally gets the boot from Captain Lee Rosbach. Frazzled 3rd stew Caroline Bedol jumps ship but not without calling out Kate Chastain. Ashton Pienaar goes from the dance floor to a van hook up after a messy night out. Rhylee Gerber continues her bad ‘tude with newly minted Bosun Ross Inia. Let’s check in to the Bravo network’s ship show for Below Deck ‘Insult to Injury’ Season 6 Episode 9.

Below Deck Recap – Chandler Brooks Out as Bosun

This week on Bravo network’s Below Deck, anxious viewers picked up where we last left off. Captain Lee Rosbach is in the wheelhouse with Kate Chastain and Bosun Chandler Brooks. Cap called Kate as a witness as he prepares to have a long overdue conversation with Chandler.

He makes it short and sweet. Chandler falls short when it comes to leading the crew of a luxury yacht like My Seanna. Chandler departs quickly and graciously. Captain Lee thinks the errant Bosun was relieved to be axed. Kate agrees. Now he is free to nap and eat Haagen Dazs whenever he pleases.

You’re the Weakest Link – – Goodbye!

Lee advises Chandler to go inform the Below Deck crew. Chandler admits relief and bids the put-upon crew goodbye. But not before an aside targeting Rhylee Gerber as “the weakest link”. Rhylee is gracious in her goodbye but tells producers she’s happy to see him go. Captain Lee wastes no time promoting loyal and capable deckhand Ross Inia to Bosun.

The crew supports this move. Caroline Bedol, whose foot is back to normal, but whose sinuses have blown up, isn’t so happy. Caroline bemoans the loss of Chandler while honking into a Kleenex. Below Deck fans were then treated to a montage of the two sharing ice cream “Lady and The Tramp” style.

Caroline Bedol Accuses Kate of Abuse

Kate banishes nasally Caroline Below Deck to handle laundry and lunch. Apparently not learning anything from Chandler’s dairy debacle with Kate, Caroline grabs herself a bowl of ice cream. Kate is quick to confiscate the cold confection and chastise her for snacking on the job.

Caroline skulks off and curses Kate through her post nasal drip. She says Kate’s been closet abusing her all season on Below Deck. The sweets-deprived beaten down stew summons Ashton to the deck. She needs a broad shoulder to cry on and wipe her nose. Ashton is all big brother supportive and she calls Kate a “bipolar bitch”.

Kate Chastain: This is Shots Fired

The Below Deck crew gets ready for another night out and Kate notices Caroline hasn’t changed for the evening. She asks Caroline if she’s going and it’s a definite “no”. Caroline requests a chat with the crew before they go. With all eyes on her in the mess hall, watery-eyed Caroline (who Kate compared to a nervous Chihuahua) puts in a two-day notice.

Caroline explains she’s been scapegoated by Kate and Josiah. And she’s not going to “eat their sh*t” any longer. Kate looks a little stunned and tells her she’s sorry she didn’t enjoy her time here. In her Below Deck aside, Kate says Caroline’s allegations are “shots fired”.

If This Vans a Rockin’ Don’t Come a Knockin’

The Below Deck gang heads out while Caroline stays back to feed stray dogs. It doesn’t take Ashton long to hit the dance floor with a bevy of scantily clad chicks. He decides to bring one back to the yacht with him. Seasoned yachtee Kate says the ones willing to come back to the boat are usually hookers.

Rhylee Gerber attempts conversation with Ashton’s tipsy hook-up but there’s a big language barrier. Ross tells Rhylee to cool it. Rhylee gets angry at the entire back seat and shoves back at Chef Adrian Martin. She storms off and spits while they mock her.

Josiah gives a Below Deck aside with advice to the angry Alaskan: “If given the opportunity to spit or swallow you should probably swallow.” The night ends with Ashton and his lady friend doing more than dancing in a van. We are treated to the sounds of the woman screaming and moaning “OH MY GOD!” Apparently sex knows no language barrier.

Are You Ever Going To Leave? Kate Fires Back

As morning breaks over Tahiti on Below Deck, Josiah pays a visit to Caroline’s bunk to see if she’s going to work on day one of her two-day notice. Caroline will not. After kicking him out, she locks herself in her soup-can-sized bunk and goes back to sleep.

Josiah summons Chief Kate who orders Caroline off the boat in one hour. Hey, if she’s not working or paying, to stay then her time on the ship is up. Caroline ignores them and pretends to sleep. Kate wonders who gave this nut case a door lock in the first place.

Kate’s solution is to procure a speaker and use some music warfare on the unhinged Caroline. In the kitchen, Adrian admits that Kate can be scary. He also wants Ross to know that he wants absolutely no contact with Rhylee after last night. The Chef claims he’s cutting toxic out of his life like a rotten tomato.

Caroline Bullied by Kate and Josiah?

Caroline finally emerges after Ross Inia turns off the music. Tortured by the euro trash techno attack, she will now face Captain Lee. Looking more like a drowned rat than a Chihuahua she recounts her abuse at the hands of the evil Kate and sidekick Josiah.  Captain listens to her complaints.  Convinced that no harm was done to Caroline, Captain Lee lets her go.

.He wishes her well and advises her to take care. Kate heads to the wheelhouse at the request of Lee. Captain lets her know what Caroline said. Captain doubts his shining Chief Stew only for a moment.  It seems she once fashioned a nasty guest’s towel into a phallic shape and left it on his bed as we see in a flashback.  Kate remains cool as a cucumber. Caroline quit and was asked to leave. Case closed.

Captain Lee Rosbach Pucker Up for New Guests

Next, the Below Deck crew is down two and new guests are boarding. Not only new guests but very yacht-knowledgeable, high maintenance guests. One is actually a yacht charter broker. Captain Lee says dealing with this charter puts the “Pucker Factor” in overdrive.

Undeniably, it’s time to kiss butt on Below Deck! First up, the guests will lunch at a scenic waterfall. Rhylee tells Ross she is ready for more responsibility. She points out she’s more than capable of doing manual labor and not just spot cleaning and deflating plastic flamingos.

Adrian Gets Yoga Pants in a Bunch

Next on Below Deck, Kate starts schlepping dinnerware and provisions to the waterfall. She takes a moment to enjoy the scenery. Normally zen chef Adrian interrupts her bliss. Adrian expresses annoyance at the lack of set up. He needs his food to stay hot. Kate suggests firing up the grill.

Then Ross drops his first ball as Bosun en route with the guests but forgot the gas for the grill. He doubles back with the guests in tow. One guest remarks that he’s not very prepared. The Below Deck skeleton crew pulls it together in the end and the guests have a great time and take selfies under the falls.

That’s all for the recap of Season 6 Episode 9 ‘Insult to Injury’. Next week’s Below Deck preview shows a terrifying clip of Ashton Pienaar going overboard in a dangerous accident. Fans of Below Deck will have to wait till next Sunday to see what happens.

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