‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown’s Return to Show Comes With Another Surprise

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is noticeably missing this season but it looks like the eldest son will return to the Discovery Channel show. Matt left his California home last month and traveled to the Washington State mountain to visit his family.

It was the first visit in quite some time. As up until that point, Matt Brown was estranged from his Alaskan Bush People clan. After the eldest child of Billy Brown and Ami Brown was booted from the show by his father, Matt left Washington.

That happened a while back. It seems the majority of the problems Billy had with his son were to due to Matt’s inability to stay clean and sober. But today things look different for Billy Brown, Ami Brown, Matt Brown, and his six siblings.

Alaskan Bush People: Fan Favorite Matt Brown Returns

Matt Brown went in and out of rehab facilities for a while. But he finally emerged wanting his life to change the last time he completed his treatment. While Matt seemed serious, Billy Brown was leery of taking Matt back.

But that was due to his previous behavior. It seems Matt Brown’s will pick up his paycheck at the end of the Alaskan Bush People filming season then disappear.

Billy thought his son was too much of a liability to let him back on the show. But during the week that Matt Brown spent with his family on the Washington State mountain last month, Billy apparently saw something different in Matt. After the father and son had their meeting, Billy reportedly agreed to let Matt come back to Alaskan Bush People.

According to reports, he’s signed the contracts for his full-time gig on the show. So it sounds like the decision is set in stone. So what was the other surprising outcome of the report indicating Matt Brown will return to the show? That has to do with a new season of Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Wait and See Factor For Renewal Gone?

Fans of reality shows know the wait and see period. It’s the time that looms between the end of one season and news of a new season emerging. Traditionally a season ends and the waiting game begins for the official word to come down. That official word offers the news of either the renewal or the cancellation of a show.

With all the chatter about Alaskan Bush People Season 9 taking a nosedive in ratings, a lot hinged on this last season, Season 10. But after Discovery Channel put the show back in their original time-slot on Sunday nights, things picked up.

Season 9 ended up to the 10 pm time-slot. The Alaskan Bush People traditionally aired during the 9 pm hour on Discovery Channel. During Season 9, the show followed one of the lowest-rated Discovery shows. At the end of Season, 9, reports indicated the show lost 2 million viewers.

Alaskan Bush People: Magic Time-slot?

For Season 10, the Discovery Channel put Serengeti in the 8 pm time-slot. It aired before the Brown family’s show at 9 pm. This seemed to put the Alaskan Bush People ratings in a new direction – up. The show is also listed as “above average” for their Sunday night pull of viewers for all the TV network shows. So it looks like the network’s strategy worked.

So just what is that other surprise that comes with reveal that Matt is coming back to the show? It seems the Discovery Channel didn’t announce the renewal of the show or a Season 11 yet for the Alaskan Bush People.

But the same reports that put Matt signing a contract also indicate he’ll appear on the show for Season 11. This means the show will go on. So the wait for renewal or cancellation of the show is over. If Matt Brown signed contracts for Season 11, that means the show returns.

Tune in Sunday nights at 9 pm to the Discovery Channel to watch the new episodes of Alaskan Bush People.

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