‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Handed Small Fortune With Worries Attached?

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of his labor and fans are praising him for his hard work today. His father, Billy Brown, fought him tooth and nail a while back to get him into recovery. Billy found himself in the place many parents do today. That’s fighting an uphill battle to get their son or daughter into recovery.

Alaskan Bush People: Money and Matt Brown didn’t Mix

According to a report, Matt Brown would get his money from the show and take off. They wouldn’t see him for a long period of time. Each time they couldn’t find him they just assumed he was using again. It looked like money and this Brown son was not a good mix. The same holds true for many folks who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

For the reasons stated above, Billy and Ami Brown held onto a large sum of money Matt had coming to him. The oldest child of the Alaskan Bush People brood allowed Discovery Channel to film his time in treatment. For that gig, it was reported he made $250,000.

Nice Paycheck for Checking Into Treatment?

Some might say Matt Brown had it easier than a lot of folks who can’t find the money for expensive rehab programs today. But money doesn’t make a difference when you’re fighting inner demons. The 37-year-old still had that same struggle.

It seems Matt recently received $250,000. Billy and Ami Brown released this money to their oldest child. This money was withheld from Matt Brown until he was able to put some time in sobriety under his belt. It sounds like this was a trying time for Alaskan Bush People matriarch and patriarch. They were used to their son going off on his own whenever he had a chunk of money.

Alaskan Bush People: Disappearing Act of Matt Brown

The true test came and went and it looked like Matt Brown was able to keep his sobriety intact, even with money at his disposal. At one time the family would worry because he’d disappear with his pay. A while back Matt disappeared for several weeks and the family feared for his safety.

But fans of the Alaskan Bush People show had seen Matt out in a desert town. They ran into him somewhere in California and taken a selfie with the Discovery star. When they posted those pictures online, the family spotted them. At least they knew he was still alive but the worry didn’t subside.Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Matt’s Whereabouts from Fan Photos

Seems Matt Brown looked spaced out in the photos. So their concerns continued. But he finally made his way home and agreed to treatment. Today he is taking it one day at a time with his recovery back at home.

At that time the family worried as no one knew where the oldest son of the Alaskan Bush People clan was. But that was then and this is now with Matt Brown really working his recovery. He recently posted a picture of a milestone coin that he received for his sobriety.

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