‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Embarrassed By His Teeth – Motivation For New Video

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown recently revealed an embarrassing situation to his followers by posting a video offering all the details. It seems the Alaskan Bush People viewers miss the oldest Brown brother on the show. So when he posts a video, fans gravitate to Matt’s site to see what he has to say.

Matt is missing from the Discovery Channel show this season. It also looks like he’s wiped out of the family portrait as well. That’s the family photo that appears before each Alaskan Bush People episode rolls out.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Shares Latest Struggle

Matt Brown is a fan-favorite among the followers of the Alaskan Bush People. It looks like fans can’t wait to see Matt back with his family.

Matt is the oldest child of Ami Brown and Billy Brown and has struggled with drug addiction. His addiction pretty much imploded his life as he knew it. Matt became estranged from the family, lost his Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People gig. He seemed to roam around aimlessly for a while.

But Matt Brown got himself together again after his last stay at rehab. From all reports, he’s doing well. It seems he even embarked on a recent heart to heart with his dad.

Reports also indicate that his talk with Billy went well. It also looks like the Alaskan Bush People followers can look forward to seeing Matt on the show once again. It was previously reported that Matt Brown would not be coming back. The Brown family is a tight-knit group of siblings. So while the fans miss Matt, there’s no doubt his brothers and sisters do as well.

Check out the Brown kids, six of them, below. It appears this photo was taken before Rain was born. But Snowbird is front and center as a baby with her five brothers surrounding her.

Alaskan Bush People: Kids as Children

Matt Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Matt Brown recently decided to share another personal struggle with his online followers. He did this by narrating a video of the end results of that struggle.

This Alaskan Bush People son believes what he sees in his mouth today was worth all the fret and toil to get there. Using the dental work he had done on his mouth as a metaphor for life struggles, Matt sets out to make a point on his newly posted video.

It appears he feels achieving his new smile was like achieving many other things in life. It’s an on-going process but you eventually get there. Matt was once embarrassed to smile but this Alaskan Bush People celeb is not anymore.

It took a lot for him to get to the dentist. First, he needed to save up the money. Next, he needed to set aside the time for his dental treatment. Matt explains his journey in the video below.

Alaskan Bush People: Embarrassment Great Motivator

It seems Matt picked up a new hobby. It appears he likes to offer inspiration to his online followers. So he reaches out in a heartfelt manner to pass along the things he’s learned about turning your life around.

He shares how he was always self-conscious about his smile. Some of the Alaskan Bush People comments through the years were brutal when it came to the family’s teeth.

It seems some viewers think that Matt isn’t the only Brown child who needed dental care. But sometimes online comments weren’t very nice when pointing this out.

Matt finished that chapter of his life by completing his goal. He appears proud of himself for all the procedures he had done to his teeth. He considers all the time and money spent to do so as a goal that he worked hard towards.

Matt Brown goes on to say how each step you take towards your goal is just one step closer to your end goal. It sounds as if he attempted to inspire his viewers to go after their goals no matter how far away they seem. While that end goal was a great set of teeth for Matt, it could be anything when it comes to his fans.

New episodes of Alaskan Bush People roll out on the Discovery Channel Sunday nights at 9 pm ET.

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