‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Sighting Adds to Mystery as New Season Set to Roll

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown seems shrouded in mystery lately, but a new report may shed some light on just what he’s been up to. Not much is known about the oldest child of Billy Brown and Ami Brown today as his estrangement from the Alaskan Bush People clan continues. At one time, Matt was a very big part of the Brown brood and a fan-favorite on the show.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Back?

But the eldest son of the Alaskan Bush People tribe struggled with addiction. That struggle led to something that looked like tough-love coming from his father and leader of the wolf pack, Billy Brown. Matt Brown was booted from the show and traveled a bit before returning to rehab and sorting out his life. While Matt celebrates his sobriety today his father is still cautious when it comes to trusting Matt’s behavior.

Recent reports indicate Matt wants back on the show but Billy won’t hear of it. Although a recent Matt Brown sighting suggests that Billy may have a change of heart. It seems recent fan sightings of Matt Brown offers up some hope. Fans note that Matt was spotted around the Mountain Ranch that the Alaskan Bush People stars call home. This offers hints of a possible reconciliation for some of the show’s followers.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Fans Hope Matt Sighting Is Good News for New Season

Even if Billy is still treading with caution, just maybe he will let Matt join the wolf pack again. Matt Brown is a big rating grabber for Alaskan Bush People. He is one of the favorite reality celebs on this show. The 36-year-old reportedly is doing well in his recovery and hopefully, Billy will see this and give him another chance.

Reports indicate Ami Brown, the matriarch of the Alaskan Bush People, wants nothing more than to have her oldest child back with the family. While Discovery Channel remains mum over Matt’s possible appearance on the new season, these fan spottings are usually a good indication of things to come.

Many of the reality shows attempt to keep the filming of a new season under wraps for as long as they can. It is usually the fans who see cameras surrounding the reality stars that give it away. A reality celeb with cameras in tow usually offer up the clues that a new season is on the way. With fans spotting Matt around the Alaskan Bush People mountain ranch, it also offers up a clue.

While Matt Brown’s lifestyle today is still somewhat of a mystery, his fans check into his YouTube channel for updates. From all accounts, he’s looking healthy and happy. Below Matt enjoys his peaceful day on the shoreline.

Alaskan Bush People: Surprise and Intrigue for Season 10

While Discovery already revealed the new season of Alaskan Bush People premiere date, they didn’t mention Matt. What they did mention is featuring Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha’s baby Elijah Connor Brown, who is Ami Brown’s first grandchild. This along with Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose’s wedding offers up some enticing viewing for Season 10.

Then Bear’s new girlfriend, Raiven Adams, is already making a splash and there’s still a week to go before the new season starts. She’s a model and a decade younger than Bear. He’s 31 and Raiven is just 21-years-old. The online chatter around Bear’s new love ranges from suspicion to extreme happiness.

The season already sounds like it’s got plenty to offer. But bringing Matt back for even one Alaskan Bush People episode would make fans happy. It would probably make this the reality show even more of a TV destination on Sunday nights. Like the fan suggested, even seeing Matt at a family reunion would make fans happy.

The new season starts Sunday, August 4, at 9 pm EST on Discovery Channel.

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