‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Emerges From Shadows After Some Odd Posts

Alaskan Bush People fan-favorite Matt Brown marches to the tune of his own drummer these days in a series of photos that emerged online. Perhaps the strangest post from the oldest Brown child comes from the comment he left on his brother’s picture post.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Looking Up These Days

Recently Matt Brown posted several pictures online but his Alaskan Bush People followers seem to notice a theme. As you can see below, He frequently seems to look toward the sky for something. The photos below were all posted by Matt Brown on different days. So what’s he looking up at in these photos?

Matt Brown’s social media pages seem a bit different than those of his Alaskan Bush Family members. His stuff looks rather abstract at times with some odd-looking pictures posted. Some of his posts don’t offer a caption, so fans tend to guess at what the posts symbolize.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Odd and Strange Posts

On those photos that show Matt Brown looking into the sky, he writes things like “sure is a good day” and “nothing but blue skies”.  So at least they seem positive. But what is this Alaskan Bush People son really saying with these few words?

When his brother Bear Brown recently posted a picture that he snapped of a shadow. Matt emerged to drop a comment on that post. He shared how he likes shadows too. He writes “I have a fue (few)”.

Over the last few weeks, Matt also seems fascinated with a dinosaur figure. He’s snapped photos of the prehistoric toy and shared them online. One fan asked if he was ok when seeing the odd post.

Matt Brown continues posting photos that don’t seem to say much but maybe they do for him. He shared a picture of a feather on the ground and said he liked the way it looked in the wind. He also posted a photo of an opened box of donuts. But then he’ll share a quote from someone like Doctor Suess.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Matt Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Eldest Son is Homeward Bound

The oldest son of Billy Brown and Ami Brown recently paid a visit to his family on the Alaskan Bush People mountain compound. Reports indicate he wanted back on the show. So he met with his father regarding this matter. Apparently Matt Brown needs to make some money, or so the reports indicate.

It was Billy Brown who tossed Matt from the show originally. He has been clean and sober for a while now and fans continue to offer their kudos to him for winning his last battle with his addiction. After several attempts at rehabs and programs, the last one seemed to do the trick. Reports indicate he’s now living a clean and sober life.

Matt Wants to be Painted Back In

Matt’s unpredictable behavior when he was actively using is what prompted Billy to fire him from Alaskan Bush People. It looked as if Billy washed his hands of Matt.

The Alaskan Bush People kids all have property mapped out for them on their new mountain home. All except for the oldest child that is. Even the Alaskan Bush People introduction into each episode has Matt wiped out of the family portrait. But now Matt wants back in.

The latest reports indicate that Matt Brown made up with his dad and an agreement was made. So the once estranged son is coming back to Alaskan Bush People show for the next season. But in order for this to happen, he can’t fall off the wagon.

Billy originally felt that bringing Matt back was a liability to the show. But it seems Billy’s oldest son convinced his dad that he can be trusted. So maybe this is why Matt is always looking up these days.

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