‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Returns But Billy Digs In His Heels

Alaskan Bush People viewers will see Matt Brown return to the screen after a long wait for an update on the whereabouts of the oldest son. Not only do new reports indicate he’s back, but his latest social media post also seems to confirm this as well.

Matt Brown, 36, is the oldest child of Billy Brown and Ami Brown. He’s also a fan-favorite with many who follow the Alaskan Bush People. So when Season 10 rolled out Sunday night viewers watched and waited to get a glimpse of Matt Brown.

But people were a bit disappointed. Even the traditional family portrait promo seen of the Browns standing in the wilderness was void of Matt. Only six of the seven offspring from the Alaskan Bush People showed up in that photo.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Missing At One Point

Veteran Alaskan Bush People know all too well the struggle Matt Brown endured with addiction. While Matt went in and out of rehabs, Billy Brown finally took the tough love approach with his son. He booted Matt off Alaskan Bush People, which cut off his income.

After Matt finished up a rehab stay a while back, Billy became adamant that his son lives under the watchful eye of a sober life coach. But that didn’t appeal to Matt, who declined that suggestion. One thing led to another until a blowup between this Alaskan Bush People father and son sent Matt packing.

Matt Brown was gone for over a month and he cut off any communication with the family. This worried all the Alaskan Bush People clan, especially Ami Brown, his mom. Matt spent time traveling throughout the desert towns in Southern California. The Alaskan Bush People family finally learned of his whereabouts through the fans.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Looked Dazed in the California Desert

It seems some fans of the Discovery Channel show recognized this member of the Brown wolfpack and stopped to take selfies with him. When the Alaskan Bush People fans posted the photos online, this offered the first word in over a month of Matt Brown’s whereabouts.

While the wandering son looked as if he may be under the influence in the pics, the family finally learned that their missing son was alive out there.

Matt Brown entered rehab again. But it seems once discharged, this time the results differed from his other attempts as he stayed sober. But by now he lost a lot, like the trust of his father when it comes to his promise to stay clean. He was no longer a member of the wolfpack as far as Billy was concerned.

The Alaskan Bush People is pretty much a patriarch-run family so without Billy’s consent, Matt wasn’t coming back. It seems that rift with his father continued to keep Matt estranged from the family.

Alaskan Bush People: The Damage is Done

After that, Matt’s life became a bit of an Alaskan Bush People mystery. Reports indicate he was living with a girlfriend in California. Those same reports also said Matt was working hard at staying clean and sober. He started a Youtube channel to reach out to his fans as a way of keeping them informed on his sober journey.

According to recent reports, Matt Brown wants back in with the family. It seems he’s broke and he’s also looking for his old job back as a reality star on the Discovery Channel reality series. Ami Brown wants nothing more than her oldest child back with the family. Matt is not a kid anymore, in a few years he’ll be looking at the big 40. So it looks like he finally took stock in his life and made a change.

But apparently, Billy took a lot of convincing that Matt is on the right road now. The patriarch stood his ground for quite some time with his refusal to trust Matt again. Finally, it seems that Papa Brown’s walls came down a bit and that tough love approach of his might have softened as well.

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Looks Like He’s Back

Matt recently posted a video showing he’s in Washington State. Reports indicate he’s there for a meeting with his dad and that meeting was a success. According to a new report, Matt is returning to the Alaskan Bush People after his father finally agreed to let him back into the family and the show. While there’s no official word from the Discovery Channel yet, it appears Matt finally did find open arms from his family.

This new deal his dad struck reportedly comes with a stead-fast contingency. Matt Brown must stay clean and sober to return back to the show and to the family’s new mountain ranch. It’s not known when Matt makes his debut this season. But the Discovery Channel is full of surprise, so you never know.

Be sure to tune in to the Discovery Channel Sunday nights to watch the all-new Season 10 of Alaskan Bush People at 9 pm ET.

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