‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown’s War With Billy Keeps Him From Brother’s Wedding

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown was a no show at his brother’s wedding this weekend stemming from an on-going battle with Billy Brown. Apparently, Matt, 37, and his father Billy, 66, still don’t see eye to eye these days. It sounds as if this carried over from Matt Brown and his father each seeing treatment for addiction a bit differently.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Estranged from Dad Billy Brown

The Discovery Channel reportedly fired Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People after his long struggle brought him in and out of treatment. So as Billy Brown and his wife, Ami Brown, gathered with the rest of the family to watch Gabe marry his wife again, the family missed one member.

It seems Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose Pantilla married in a secret wedding at the beginning of the year. Now that they are expecting their first child any day, they apparently decided to marry again. As the family celebrates their wedding there’s one person noticeably missing and that’s Matt Brown. With the Alaskan Bush People family such a close-knit family it has to be hard for Ami to see her oldest son Matt not joining them in this family celebration.

Billy Brown Family Still Growing

Billy and Ami Brown have been married 40 years so they know a little bit about the trials and tribulations of marriage. The patriarch and the matriarch of the Alaskan Bush People also know how quickly a family can grow. These two have a tribe of seven kids. It looks like the new generation is just starting to rack up the numbers.

First, their son Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Alisha gave Billy and Ami their first grandchild this year. Now with Raquell Rose and Gabe Brown expecting their first child any day, this will make two grandchildren for the Alaskan Bush People parents. With Noah reporting that he and his wife are trying for their second child, well it looks as if the grandchildren will just keep coming for this wilderness family.

Alaskan Bush People: Trouble Past of Matt Brown

Matt Brown has had a tough time of it in recent years. When he left a treatment center after a 30-day stay last year, his parents weren’t happy. They wanted Matt to do a 90-day rehab but he refused. At one point, reports said Billy Brown wanted Matt to continue his treatment once out of rehab with a sober life coach.

This was something Matt didn’t want to do. The father and son argued while Matt fought his battle with addiction. At one point the oldest child of the Alaskan Bush People tribe left home and headed to the California desert.  A month went by and the Alaskan Bush People clan didn’t hear from their son and brother. The worry grew that Matt Brown had fallen back into his old ways.

Once photos of Matt started to show up online the family realized they had reason to be concerned. Fans had run into him while roaming the desert towns and snapped pictures with him. Matt looked rather dazed and disheveled in those photos which made the family heartsick. Since that time, reports indicate the Alaskan Bush People patriarch takes a tough-love stand with his son. So it looks like Matt missed the latest family gathering as father and son still buck heads.

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