‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown and Raquell in Twin Beds – What’s up with That?

Alaskan Bush People had Gabe Brown moving Raquell Rose into an apartment-like dwelling in the barn in the latest episode of the new season. Gabe was like a kid on Christmas morning, filled with excitement. Except he wasn’t looking at toys. No, he was giddy with happiness while showing Raquell their new humble abode.

Gabe Brown was tickled pink when Raquell Rose opened her eyes to her Alaskan Bush People boyfriend’s new home sweet home offering. But that was after she made the rather dangerous journey up the steep ladder to her new perch.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown Giddy With Excitement

Before Raquell Rose could see the apartment, high above the many farm animals in the barn, he had to build it. And build it he did with the help of a few Alaskan Bush People siblings. They all brought their expertise to the task, starting with the wood stove for heating. Gabe Brown and Bam Brown rigged a pully-like concoction to get the stove up into the high loft.

Gabe Brown also had help from Alaskan Bush People sisters, Rain, and Snowbird, who stood in the loft and helped pull up the heavy stove. Next, they needed a hole in the metal roof for a stove pipe. That’s where Snowbird came in. She laid down on the loft’s floor with a rifle pointed to the ceiling.

Who needs to drill a hole when you can just shoot one through the roof? Yes, that’s what the little lady did. While no one mentioned a possible ricochet off the metal, they did cover their eyes. Bird wore safety glasses through this task and the others covered their ears from the noise.

Despite the bullet landing a little off her mark, Snowbird still hit it close enough so her Alaskan Bush People brother Bear Brown could hack out a bigger hole. Guns played a big part in last Sunday’s Alaskan Bush People as a pack of wolves threatened their livestock and their lean-to homes.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown - Raquell Rose

Raquell Rose High on a Barnyard Pedestal

But with Gabe Brown putting himself and Raquell Rose high off the ground he keeps them safe. When Raquell arrives at the Alaskan Bush People compound, Gabe has her close her eyes for the big loft reveal. Well, she loved it despite a boatload of animals beneath them.

She wasn’t worried a bit about the farm animal smell, Raquell Rose tells her ecstatic boyfriend that the smell is nothing that a few candles can’t take care of. Plus the smell of food cooking on the stove will surely mask any foul odors that may drift up from the animal dung below.

Raquell Rose climbed that ladder into her new home at the beginning of winter in 2018. This Alaskan Bush People couple married a few months later in January 2019.  So when she moved in they weren’t husband and wife yet.  Is that why Gabe Brown decked his apartment out with two twin beds? Was the Discovery Channel show attempting to send a message?

Fans swarmed to social media offering up their take on Alaskan Bush People Season 10 so far. It looks like the off-grid living is getting harder and harder to take in these days. Viewers became aware of the Brown family only making their wilderness homes a temporary gig for filming purposes a while back.

When filming in Alaska these bush dwellers often stayed in hotels. So when the Alaskan Bush People rolls out footage showing the seven Brown kids building homes in the wild, they shrug their shoulders. While it’s entertaining, fans know there’s a modern on-grid home they’ll retreat to between seasons.

Alaskan Bush People: Wholesome Living?

The Discovery Channel cameras panned over Gabe and Raquell’s sleeping arrangements a few times during the last episode. So the twin beds aren’t a secret. Was this the wholesome way Gabe and Raquell decided to live until they tie the knot? Traditionally a boyfriend and girlfriend moving in together create a romantic setting for the couple.

What Gabe Brown concocted was more like dorm living than a love nest. Gabe said nothing about the twin beds and when Raquell Rose arrived she sat down on one and never blinked an eye. So it looks like it’s wholesome living for Gabe and Raquell while tucked away in the barn loft. That is until they tie the knot.

Tune in Sunday nights for more new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel at 9 pm ET.

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