‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy and Ami Brown’s Family Face Danger from Wolves and Inventions

Alaskan Bush People stars Billy Brown and Ami Brown taught their family how to survive in the wild so when predators arrive guns are drawn. The preview clips for Season 10, episode 2, suggest Noah Brown’s wife, Rhain Brown, might be in trouble alone in their tent.

The scene shows several of Billy Brown’s offspring running to Noah. They ask him where his wife is. When he says she’s back on his land in the tent, the Alaskan Bush People siblings scramble. They hop into a vehicle and race off to get to her.

The siblings tell Noah they heard howling and a gunshot. So it sounds as if Rhain Brown might be defending herself against wild predators. When Sunday’s episode rolls out, fans will see what the urgency was all about.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown and Billy Brown’s Clan Face Danger of Predators

In another Alaskan Bush People scene for this Sunday, it looks like Bear Brown finds wolf tracks. Then one of the siblings spots a trail of blood. So it appears they’re aware of these predators in the area looking for food. They know the wolves roamed into the area and already attacked some animal. This might be what created the urgency to get to Rhain Brown.

Ami and Billy Brown took up residence in a trailer on the property. So they’re pretty much protected from the wolves. But the father Billy’s offspring stay in make-shift dwellings as they build their permanent homes.


Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown

Danger Comes In Two Forms

This season it looks like the Alaskan Bush People brood faces several self-induced dangers in the first few episodes. Facing the wilderness looked like a picnic compared to some of the potential dangers created by Billy and Ami Brown and their offspring. Starting with a bath for a baby that looked risky to some fans.

The Alaskan Bush People tribe pass along the dangers of living in the wild to the viewers. Both Billy Brown and his wife Ami Brown prepared their tribe for possible dangers. So when it’s determined wolves are on the prowl mom Ami and dad Billy have their kids fully armed. They’re all on the hunt with handguns and shotguns in tow.

Even before the new season rolled out fans started to post their comments about these dangers.

Fans couldn’t wait for the show’s return. As one viewer put it, they like to watch the “train wreck” unfold. So, it looks like that’s what keeps them coming back.  But instead of risk in the wild, you didn’t need to look further than Noah Brown’s workbench to see potential danger lurking.

This week some of the Alaskan Bush People viewers commented on Noah’s latest invention. It seems the self-proclaimed inventor out of the Alaskan Bush People family conjured up a baby bath.

While that might sound tranquil and safe it didn’t look that way when fans witnessed how he put it together. This prompted some viewers to hop on social media sites. It seems seeing the electrical wiring and water together was enough to alarm the fans.

Alaskan Bush People: Water and Electrical Wiring Don’t Mix – Noah Brown’s Baby Bath

What Alaskan Bush People followers see on this season occurred months and months ago. In the new season, Noah and Rhain Brown wait for their baby’s birth. But in real-time, the little guy is already several months old. Elijah Connor Brown was born back in February.

During Season 10 you get to see Noah and Rhain prepare for the baby’s birth. This is where Noah’s heated baby’s bath comes in. First of all, he made it out of a bin they once used to feed the goats. He calls it “refurbished”.

It looks like he uses one of those tabletop fountains that were popular a few years back. That fountain supplies the water that will “trickle” down the baby as the up and coming Alaskan Bush People parents wash him. The heater is from an aquarium that goes up to 90 degrees.

But there’s wiring involved in all of this. Apparently, Noah thinks he has the linguistics of the contraption under control. But that’s where viewers jumped in to comment. They express their worry about that baby when they eventually go to use it for their infant.

Alaskan Bush People veteran viewers spoke up online about that bath. Some comments deemed it an accident just waiting to happen. Others got a bit more graphic about the potential hazards.

Bear Brown Drags Humble Abode Up a Hill

Bear Brown took time out from swinging in the trees to go find himself a house. He had his heart set on a metal shipping container as his humble abode. But while the seller delivered the several ton metal container to the mountain but not up to the highest point where Bear calls home.

Viewers saw Billy Brown risk his safety and the safety of his kids pulling that container up a steep incline with a bulldozer. At one point the family worried the heavy-duty machine would tip over and slide off the incline along the steep side. Billy suggested the risk of the bulldozer rolling over along with the container. He even went as far as describing a scene that would squash anyone in the way.

While the danger from the wild is very real, the Alaskan Bush People also cause their own risky situations. When Noah showed that baby bath to his wife to surprise her, you’d think she’d let him down easily.

As a new mom-to-be, you could only hope she saw the potential danger. But no, that didn’t happen. She was thrilled with the invention and believes it will come in handy for the baby’s bath up there on the mountain.

Alaskan Bush People: From Wild to Suburbs

Of course, a lot of what fans see on Alaskan Bush People is for drama. Chances are the baby takes his baths in a very modern tub in a nice warm house somewhere in the suburbs when the filming stops. Still, the family that fights the dangerous wild elements also creates dangers of their own from time to time.

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