‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown Promises Mom Twin Beds with Raquell Rose

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown seemed to explain why a grown man and his lady, Raquell Rose, need to sleep in twin beds. In one of the first few episodes of this new season, it became obvious that Gabe Brown set up twin beds for himself and Raquell Rose.

Gabe Brown made the barn loft into an apartment so he had a place to bring Raquell to when she moved to the Alaskan Bush People mountain. Besides the high and steep climb into the loft on a thin ladder, Raquell has a lot to get used to in her new living quarters. Like the smell of the animals below for one thing.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown Shows Raquell Rose Off-Grid Living

The two tied the knot in January. But as the fans of Alaskan Bush People watch the episodes from this new season, they see Gabe and Raquell before they married. So it appears Raquell moved up on the mountain sometime in the late fall last year.

It looks as if Gabe Brown did his best to make their barn loft a comfortable home, but Raquell needed to learn the ropes. She needed some pointers on how to live off-grid in the wilderness. Fans got to see Gabe teaching her the finer points of Alaskan Bush People hygiene on this week’s episode.

Brushing her teeth without running water didn’t appeal to Raquell Rose, but she spits into that bucket like a real trooper. Then Gabe demonstrated washing his hair in a bucket, which is how Raquell will need to do this from now on. It wasn’t pretty but she intently watched and took note of the Alaskan Bush People strategy he presented.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown - Gabe Brown

Dunk Head In the Bucket, Lather, Scrape, Repeat…

Gabe Brown demonstrated this procedure step by step. First by sticking his head into the bucket filled with water. This entailed holding his breath and submerging his face as well. Then he dispersed the shampoo and lathered. Next, he demonstrated an Alaskan Bush People trick to keep the water as free from soap suds as possible.

He used his hands as a squeegee and scraped the lather off his hair into his hands. From there he just flicked the lather off his fingers and onto the floor. You couldn’t tell by Raquell’s face if she got all the steps down pat during her partner’s demonstration.

But you could tell she wasn’t overly enthused with this new fangled way for keeping up on daily hygiene on Alaskan Bush People. Gabe Brown also gave a speech about how hygiene is not only good for the body but for the soul as well.

So what else did Raquell Rose have to look forward to by joining the Alaskan Bush People on the mountain? Well, it looks like solo sleeping arrangements emerged since the two were still single.

Alaskan Bush People – Who Walks Between Gabe and Raquell’s Beds?

Alaskan Bush People viewers got to see Gabe’s handi-work before Raquell Rose moved in. This is when the twin beds seemed to stand out. The loft wasn’t the scene of a love nest. No, it looked more like dormitory living with separate beds.

So what’s up with that? Maybe Gabe Brown made this agreement with his parents? As he sat with his mom Ami Brown on this week’s episode, they had a talk. Ami asked Gabe how Raquell was settling in. He said things were good. He also told his mom they had twin beds. His mom smiled and seemed happy over that news.

Then Gabe said something strange to the Alaskan Bush People matriarch. He said they pushed the beds apart to leave room in the middle for the lord to walk and Ami says “you better” in a joking manner. Is this the lord of the manner – Billy Bown? Or were they referring to the man upstairs?

Either way, there’s some outside force keeping these two in twin beds during this new season. It sounds as if this might be expected of Gabe by his mom Ami and quite possibly Billy Brown. After all, he is Lord of this Brown Mountain manor.

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