‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe and Raquell’s Baby Due Any Day – Smoke and Mirrors?

Alaskan Bush People confuse the fans once again with an announcement that Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose are expecting a baby. It seems the couple reports the new baby is expected in November. But according to another source, Raquell’s ready to deliver much sooner than that.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown and Wife Raquell Rose Expect Baby When?

Fans of the Discovery Channel show find it interesting that Raquell looked very pregnant months ago. But not a soul from the Alaskan Bush People shared Gabe and Raquel’s good news at the time. But one media outlet reported she was pregnant back in January. It also sounds as if Raquell Rose and another member of the Brown clan alluded to her pregnancy way back then as well.

Reports indicate a picture was posted in January and the caption read, “once again it’s time to play guess the due date”. The image showed a pregnant-looking Raquell and husband Gabe Brown together. Then in March, the buzz started on Facebook after Raquell rubbing her belly in a photo emerged. Reports indicate she seemed to give it away by writing: “Gabe will be a great father to this one”.

When Gabe Brown and his bride tied the knot, fans claimed she looked very pregnant at the time. That wedding date was in June and the picture below shows the couple at their early Summer wedding. But when the couple finally announced they’re expecting a baby this week, the due date they gave is in November. Fans just can’t seem to wrap their heads around this.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown - Raquell Rose


Smoke and Mirrors on Timeline of Events?

Some fans think Bear Brown’s latest news about a new girlfriend is just smoke and mirrors. As you can see in the comments above, some think the Alaskan Bush People went as far as attempting to deflect the attention away from Gabe and Raquell’s due date. As one fan put it, the timelines and promises don’t seem to add up with this Discovery Channel show.

If Raquell was indeed pregnant in January as media reports indicated then, that means she’s due a lot sooner than November. The pictures below seem to be backward, or so some fans suggest. Gabe Brown and his beloved Raquell Rose shared the ultrasound of their baby when they revealed the pregnancy this week. It’s part of the official announcement of Raquell’s pregnancy.

Many fans believed this photo with the ultrasound is a picture of her today. But another picture taken last month of the couple at their wedding seems to show Raquell in later stages of her pregnancy, as Alaskan Bush People viewers suggest above.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown - Raquell Rose


Alaskan Bush People: Baby’s Due Date?

While Alaskan Bush People followers express their happiness for Raquell Rose and Gabe Brown, it’s also confusing to them as well. Comments suggest that fans just don’t understand why there’s so much mystery around the date the baby’s expected.

If Raquell did know she was pregnant in January, as suggested by posts, then she’d have to be at least a month pregnant. This means the birth could feasibly happen any day now. Or so suggests online chatter today.

That mystery due date may have something to do with the new season of Alaskan Bush People. Season10 rolls out August 4 and the report of a baby on the way is sure to entice viewers back.

Maybe the Discovery Channel plans a surprise that features the baby’s birth. While Raquell Rose is reportedly due in November, some viewers believe it’s earlier than that and the network’s keeping a lid on the real date for the sake of the show.

Bear Brown – New Model Girlfriend Part of the Draw?

With Alaskan Bush People ready to roll out their new season, Bear Brown also made an announcement this week. He’s got himself a new girlfriend, Raiven Adams. It seems Raiven is a model and she has quite the presence online.

This too seemed to be a hard sell for fans as they’ve seen the way Bear lives. He’s wild in the woods and from Raiven’s photos online it seems she’s much too tame for Bear’s antics. But they do say opposites attract.

Alaskan Bush People returns with the Brown family on Sunday, August 4, at 9 pm on Discovery Channel. Be sure to watch to see the latest updates on Gabe Brown and expectant wife Raquell Rose Brown.

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