‘Alaskan Bush People’ Promo Video: Building Odd Houses – Season 10, Sunday at New Time

Alaskan Bush People starts a new season this Sunday night with some strange happenings as Billy Brown attempts to make his dream come true. While the family started out in Alaska, they’re now in Washington state on a remote mountain top.

It looks like Billy Brown assigned acres of land to his individual children where they plan to build their own homes.  Fans don’t have long to wait as Sunday night, August 4, Alaskan Bush People premiere Season 10.

Alaskan Bush People Promo Video – Ami Brown Gets Her Grandbaby

Fighting an early winter setting in, the Alaskan Bush People tribe face challenge after challenge. But this season the highlight is on a new generation stepping up as another generation just begins. On Season 10, there’s not one or two, but three generations of the Brown clan on the mountain.

One of the heartwarming scenes is when Ami holds Noah and Rhain Brown’s son Elijah Connor Brown. While in real-time this little guy has grown, fans of the Alaskan Bush People watch as Elijah was first welcomed into the family.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown

Huff and Puff and Blow Your House In

The Alaskan Bush People might look like a modern-day story of the Three Little Pigs bedtime story this season. They build homes out of all different types of materials. While there’s no big bad wolf, the mountain top’s elements make for some extreme weather. Each of the Brown children needs to build a home that wards off the winter snow, wind, and ice.

Erecting several houses at the same time is no easy feat. Each of the Brown kids has a different idea on how their home is going to look. From a castle to a shipping container onto a trailer and a tree-house, each Alaskan Bush People family member’s home is as unique in both size, height, and building material.

But as usual, with the Brown clan, there’s plenty of problems ahead of them. The first being the winter. As the snow flies the family members attempt to get their homes built before the dead of winter is upon them. Junkyard visits, cement mixing, and tree cutting all become part of building these homes.

Alaskan Bush People: Trailer Home

Alaskan Bush People: No More Bachelor Pads?

Veteran Alaskan Bush People viewers know all too well how Bear Brown, Noah Brown, Matt Brown, Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown, and Gabe Brown lived as bachelors. Now it looks like these homes they’re building are made for two. In Noah’s case three, as the baby joins the Brown brood on the mountain. Gabe is now married to Raquell Rose and they’ve just announced they’re expecting their first baby.

Bam is still with the previous field producer of the Alaskan Bush People, Allison Kagan. While it’s not known if Alison will appear this season, reports have them still going strong. Even Bear Brown is smitten these days with new girlfriend Raiven Adams. Fans will get to meet her during Season 10. So far it looks like Matt is a no-show, but the Discovery Channel seems to like surprises, so you never know.

Billy Brown passed down all his self-sustaining ideas to the family. Livestock is an important piece to living off the grid for the Browns but in sub-zero temps they face problems. It appears they’ve built a state of the art barn for the livestock. This is quite the accomplishment for these backwoods men and women.

While the animals need shelter from the weather, they also need drinking water. But when their drinking water freezes, they need to invent a way to keep it in liquid form while freezing weather sets in. It looks like that’s a job for one of the Alaskan Bush People inventors.

Last season it looked touch and go for the patriarch of the family but his creative kids made life easier for Billy Brown. They got together and moved Billy and Ami’s home to a better spot for their dad.

Bam Brown Puts on Billy Brown’s Shoes?

Last season Bam seemed to take over Billy’s role for a little bit when his dad was sick with phenomena. Bam pretty much orchestrated getting the trailer that Ami and Billy call home on the Alaskan Bush People mountain to a lower altitude. They needed to move the trailer down the mountain where Billy could live comfortably while recuperating.

Apparently the doctors didn’t want Billy above a certain altitude due to the breathing problems that came along with his diagnosis. With Matt Brown, the oldest of the Brown kids, still out of the picture, Bam stepped into Billy’s shoes. But the family all worked together to get Billy home.

In Season 10 Billy is looking great and he’s even operating a bulldozer as helps get the Alaskan Bush People compound ready for winter. While the Browns seem to work harder than ever getting things ready for the winter, they still take time out for that wolf pack howling they do.

Bear still swings from tree to tree but there’s something new he shares this season. It looks like fans get to meet Bear Brown’s new girlfriend Raiven Adams on Alaskan Bush People Season 10. Bear shared that bit of news online recently.

Last season the Discovery Channel aired Alaskan Bush People in the 10 pm timeslot. But come Sunday, August 4, the Discovery Channel rolls out Alaskan Bush People Season 10 at 9 pm, the original time slot for the show.

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