‘Alaskan Bush People’: 5 Brown Boys With 5 Ladies – Will All Appear on New Season? [Pics]

Alaskan Bush People stars start this new season with all five Brown boys in a romantic relationship, which solves a few mysteries for fans. Reports indicate that as this season rolls out, all the brothers do have significant others. But are these women all showing up on camera? Two of the wolfpack men are married and three of these howling guys have girlfriends of at least a year or more.

Alaskan Bush People: Will These Ladies Tame the Wolf Pack?

With the recent introduction on social media to Bear Brown’s new girl, fans have a renewed interest in the ladies attached to the five brothers. Matt Brown, Bam Brown, Noah Brown, Gabe Brown, and Bear Brown are settling down. So which of the ladies do fans get to meet on the Alaskan Bush People new season?

It seems all five ladies have at least one thing in common, they’ve fallen for one of the Alaskan Bush People wolfpack members. While these women not might look like the howling type, they’ve had to put up with the extremes. It’s not easy keeping pace with these men from the wild.

Alaskan Bush People: Raquell Brown - Raiven Adams - Rhain Brown


Noah Brown and Gabe Brown – Husband Material

Fans already know Rhain Alisha Brown, who is married to Noah Brown. Their first baby arrived in February but as this new Alaskan Bush People season rolls out, Rhain Alisha is still pregnant. It seems Noah continues to share the screen with his wife. But that’s not all. Once Elijah Connor Brown makes his debut into the world, he too becomes a reality star this season.

The second married brother is Gabe Brown. He recently announced to the Alaskan Bush People followers that he and his wife Raquell Rose Brown expect their first child in November. Raquell and Gabe appear in the barn together in a preview clip, so it looks like she too will be in some part of the season.

Bam Brown In Long-Term Romance

When it comes to Joshua “Bam” Brown, the Alaskan Bush People veteran fans know Bam Bam is still with his long-time girlfriend. She’s played a big part in the show. But her part was off-camera for several seasons.

Bam’s girlfriend, Allison Kagan, once worked as a field production supervisor on the Discovery Channel reality series. She has several seasons to her credit. In the photo above she is with Ami Brown and it seems she’s very close with the family.

During Sunday’s premiere episode of Alaskan Bush People Season 10, Bam was clearing the land for the house he intends to build. He made sure to say it wasn’t a temporary home or a lean-to he’s going after.

So Bam expects his new home to be a well-built house with modern amenities. He also plans to harness the elements for energy, like solar power. He said a few times this is a dwelling where “we” will call home.

So, if Bam’s plan is to erect a home for both him and Allison Kagan, it stands to reason Alli would show up sooner or later. While he didn’t mention her name, he gave the impression his home is made for two.


Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown and His Mystery Girlfriend

With the recent news that Matt is returning to the Alaskan Bush People, what about his long-time girlfriend? While her name is not mentioned, Matt’s girlfriend is said to be a nice woman who stays under the radar. This bit of description comes from the FB fans who shared her photo above.

Will he even want to settle on the Washington Mountain with the rest of the Alaskan Bush People brood? Or will Matt show up just in time to give his siblings a hand building their forever homes?

Most would think that if Matt makes his way up the mountain, Billy will finally add his name to the map. The map displaying the separate parcels of land for each sibling is void of Matt’s name. But will that change now?

If Matt does spend a significant amount of time with his family on the mountain there’s a chance his other half will show up as well. Especially if he decides to build alongside his Alaskan Bush People siblings. Or even near his parents, Billy Brown and Ami Brown.

Bear Brown Already Makes a Hit with New Girlfriend

Then, of course, there’s Bear, who is headline news these days with his girlfriend Raiven Adams. While he recently introduced Raiven to the fans of Alaskan Bush People, he’s been with this young lady for about a year. From the reports online coming from Raiven and Bear, the two seem quite smitten with one another. Yes, Raiven is expected to show up during Season 10 as well.

So as far as the Brown family brothers go, at least three of their significant others will grace the Alaskan Bush People show this season. Although it’s unknown if Bam and Matt will have their girlfriends on the show, the possibility is always there.

Be sure to tune in to Alaskan Bush People on Sunday nights at 9 pm ET as new episodes from Season 10 roll out on the Discovery Channel.

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