‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Sister Cuts Girlfriend Raiven’s Hair – Oops Close Shave?

Alaskan Bush People followers anticipate getting to know Bear Brown‘s new girlfriend, model Raiven Adams, in the new season that rolls out Sunday. Raiven Adams suddenly bloomed into a highly searched reality star overnight. People want to know all about Bear’s young girlfriend and she hasn’t even appeared on the screen yet.

Alaskan Bush People – Bear Brown Creates New World for New Girlfriend Raiven Adams

Bear Brown introduced Raiven Adams to the fans of Alaskan Bush People via social media. Since that day Raiven pops up in the headlines daily. Just like any other reality star who suddenly finds themselves in the public eye, she gets both positive and negative attention today.

It seems the vote’s still out on whether she’s good for Bear Brown or not. Die-hard Alaskan Bush People fans want to make their own decision once seeing her in action. So in the meantime, viewers flock to Bear and Raiven’s social sites where they share some rather gushing posts.

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown and Raiven Adams


Raiven Adams Looks Very Trusting as Rain Grabs the Scissors?

One thing fans surmise from a recent post by Raiven Adams is that she looks like a trusting soul. Apparently Rain Brown, Bear Brown’s sister, asked Raiven if she could cut her hair. For some reason, Raiven obliged and let the 16-year-old Alaskan Bush People daughter take shears to her hair.

Bear’s gal pal posted a photo of Rain doing just that – cutting her hair. Then when she was done, Raiven posted the results in another picture. That looks like a pretty close shave rather than a hair cut.

While she didn’t really cut or trim her hair, it’s more like she shaved a design of lines into her head. But to each their own. Raiven Adams didn’t add a description, praise or even an oops to her new hairdo. So it’s hard to determine if this Alaskan Bush People newcomer likes it or not.

But this 21-year-old is now the girlfriend of a man who’s a decade older than her and who likes to roll in the mud. Not to mention he also likes to swing from tree to tree. So she doesn’t sound like the type of girl who gets too concerned about the unconventional things in life or even changes in general.

Alaskan Bush People: All in the Family

Besides learning that Raiven Adams has a trusting aspect to her personality, it also looks like she gets along with Bear Brown’s two sisters. Posts of Rain Brown, Snowbird Brown, and Raiven together seem to indicate a happy trio. Raiven has even referred to the two Alaskan Bush People girls like they’re her own sisters.

Bear Brown just recently revealed Raiven as his “new” girlfriend. He probably did this because she’s new to the fans. But the two actually started dating last August, so they’ve been together for a year. In that time it looks like she grew close to Rain and Snowbird, the only two Alaskan Bush People sisters.

While Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown posted a few blurbs on how happy Bear and Raiven look together, his other brothers and parents remain quiet. That’s probably for the sake of the new season. People will be watching just to see how Bear’s parents, Billy Brown and Ami Brown, respond to Raiven Adams.

From all accounts so far she’s a lovely gal and positive addition to Bear Brown’s life. But until the fans see this for themselves, the vote’s still out.

Alaskan Bush People return Sunday night at 9 pm ET on the Discovery Channel with Season 10.

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