‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown and Rhain’s First Baby Pics – New Season Premieres Sunday

Alaskan Bush People stars Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha released the first pictures of their baby ahead of the new season premiere this Sunday. Along with the baby’s proud parents, Ami Brown has lots to celebrate. She got her wish of a grandchild – Noah Brown’s baby is her first grandbaby.

Noah and Rhain Alisha also posted a video of their new baby son. This is the first child for the Alaskan Bush People couple. The bundle of joy is also the first grandchild for Billy Brown and Ami Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: First Grandbaby for Ami Brown

Fans of the show know that Ami Brown couldn’t wait to be a grandmother. She often talked about the day that one of her brood would start a new Brown generation. Or in Ami’s terms, give her a “grandbaby.”

Ami Brown’s wish was granted last month. But the viewers of the Alaskan Bush People show had to wait. Fans didn’t get a formal introduction until Noah Brown and wife Rhain Alisha revealed the first images of the baby online.

Baby Boy Born to Rhain Alisha and Noah Brown

The baby was born on January 26. But Noah and Rhain waited to introduce their seven pound five ounce baby boy to the world this week. Alaskan Bush People viewers got their first look at Ami Brown’s grandson on Wednesday.

Noah Brown posted the video on Twitter. The Brown newborn measured 20-inches long at birth. Furthermore, the proud parents announced they have a “perfectly healthy baby boy”.

Howling Wolf Pack of the Brown Brood

You can take the Brown family out of the Alaskan bush but you can’t take the Alaskan bush out of these people. Despite a change in location for the next season, they’re still out there howling in the forest.

Speaking of howling, that is one of the first descriptions to come from the proud papa when introducing his infant son. Noah Brown was impressed to see that already his new son was working on his “howling”. Perfecting your howl comes in handy when you’re part of the Alaskan Bush People clan.

The Family That Howls Together – Stays Together

It sounds like when the tot is big enough to join the Brown wolf pack he’ll have his howling down pat. It looks like a new generation can carry on the Alaskan Bush People tradition of howling together.

While Billy and Ami Brown’s kids howl at the moon, they howl for other reasons as well. Sometimes they just let out a good howl for a family celebration, of some type. Then, of course, living off the grid, howling was a way of communication as well. With no phones, a good howl would call the Brown brood together.

Proud Parents Give Traditional Name to Bundle of Joy?

So, what did the new mom and dad name their baby? If you were expecting Noah Brown to pick out something like Cloud, Thunder, Earth, Coyote, or even Wolf Brown, you’d be mistaken. This family prides themselves on living off what nature provides.

But they picked a more traditional civilized name for their little bambino. Rhain Alisha and husband Noah Brown introduced the new Alaskan Bush People tribe member as Elijah Connor Brown. That introduction to the world is seen in the video below.

Noah Brown Shows Much Respect for Childbirth

Noah already impressed fans of the Discovery Channel’s reality show as a new father. The husband of five months praised his wife Rhain Alisha for all she went through during her 18-hours of labor.

Besides sharing that Rhain Alisha did “an amazing job”, Noah Brown went a bit further. He said during the video that you really respect women after witnessing something like this.

The new season premieres Sunday, March 3 on the Discovery Channel.

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