‘Alaskan Bush People’: Did Bear’s Girlfriend Raiven and Her Mom Threaten FB Fans?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown‘s new girlfriend Raiven Adams and her family are finding out the price of reality TV fame. It seems Raiven Adams is a potential big hit for the show as Bear Brown’s new girlfriend. She’s reportedly a part of the new season that rolls out Sunday 9 pm, August 4 on TLC.

Raiven’s sudden popularity makes her mother, Kassy Michelle, a person of interest with the fans. Especially because she shares photos of Raiven online. But it seems this might not sit right with the mom of the newest cast member of Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Introduces Raiven Adams and Flood Gates Open

Bear Brown introduced Raiven Adams to Alaskan Bush People followers recently online. It looks like this opened the flood gates as more and more people wanted to know everything about Bear Brown’s new girl. But this is Raiven’s first time as a reality star so maybe she didn’t realize what comes along with this. And it looks like that goes double for her mom as well.

It seems being affiliated with the Discovery show thrust Bear’s new gal pal into the category of a reality TV star. Even though she hasn’t appeared on Alaskan Bush People as of yet, Bear’s paved the way online for fans to meet her. And the interest in her is growing, as is the attention – both positive and negative…

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams

Fame Drags Raiven’s Mom Kassy Michelle Into Limelight

With this new-found fame comes some downsides for not only Raiven but herfamily as well. Starting with her mother, Kassy Michelle, who already seems to be feeling the effects of her daughter’s growing fame. As a professional photographer, she often uses her daughter as a model.

Kassy’s professional photos of Raiven Adams appear online and are beautiful. With everyone looking for more info about Raiven, it seems people gravitate toward Kassy’s pictures of her daughter. So what does this mean for the mom?

As Raiven becomes more famous, people share Kassy Michelle’s pictures online. Alaskan Bush People social media groups are sharing pics of Raiven – some taken by her mom. Others are from Bear and Raiven’s social accounts. But it seems Raiven’s mother does not want her pics shared. In fact, she’s warned people on Facebook not to post the photos she took without consent.

Alaskan Bush People and Facebook Groups

It seems, people posting Kassy’s photos apparently rubbed the photographer and her daughter the wrong way. Group admins for Facebook were contacted in an attempt to stop the sharing of Raiven’s photos.

Facebook groups have administrators who oversee the content of their groups. Recent reports indicate phone calls were made to one of the administrators of an Alaskan Bush People Facebook group. According to one person who received one of the calls, allegedly from Raiven’s mama, the phone call was threatening and unpleasant.

Someone Representing The Browns?

According to the witness, the calls came from a woman who identified herself as representing the Alaskan Bush People family, the Browns. The person reportedly told the Facebook admin that paperwork was coming to sue the group. As the call progressed, the admin says that it quickly became clear that it’s all about the use of Raiven’s pictures.

According to the source, a rant ensued regarding this topic. This prompted the group’s administrator to hang up the phone. But more calls followed. Finally, another person called, a younger-sounding female. She identified herself as “Melissa” and her calls were also allegedly aggressive.

While the two women didn’t identify themselves other than as representing the Brown Family, fans in the groups have their theories that it’s Bear Brown’s gal pal and her mother. But Raiven Adams has also taken this crusade on under her own name.  As seen in the post below – she offers a warning. She won’t be responsible for the outcome if you use her mother’s photos without her consent

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Alaskan Bush People: Gal Pal Raiven Posts a Warning

It sounds like drama emerged at home over this for the new Alaskan Bush People girlfriend and she doesn’t appreciate it. While Raiven warns against using her mom’s professional photos, she’s not including her own personal photos in this warning. But without any markings, logos, or a caption saying the photos were taken by Kassy, it’s hard for fans to know which pictures were taken by her mother Kassy and which ones were taken by someone else.

The Alaskan Bush People groups on Facebook share and discuss the photos and some people take liberties and add things to make their point, but photo sharing is hard to stop in an online world.

Aspiring Reality Stars Must Deal With Fans

Alaskan Bush People fans on social media play a huge part in the show’s success and will also play a large part in rocketing Raiven Adams to fame. When the show is on hiatus or in-between seasons, it’s social media that keep fans informed on what the Alaskan Bush People are up to.

The family members of the Alaskan Bush People know all too well what happens online when it comes to the show. Whether viewers watch them for positive or negative aspects – they watch them. Then they go online and discuss the show.

While Raiven and her mom might not like what they see or read online, for better or worse, it’s all a part of the reality show world. Now it looks as if Raiven just stepped off the platform to take that journey through Alaskan Bush People fame. While her mother might not like the use of her photos in the groups, she’s not the first and probably won’t be the last to complain.

Alaskan Bush People return with a new season on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm local time on the Discovery Channel.

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