‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Rejected by Billy Brown – Ami Suffers

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown pushed Matt Brown away leaving him unemployed and estranged from the family, according to the latest reports. Mom Ami Brown worries about Matt. Despite usually following Billy’s lead, it sounds like she’s having a tough time with this one. Ami Brown is very protective of her kids and if one suffers, she suffers as well.

37 year old Matt Brown struggles with alcohol addiction. This is the reason he was forced to quit the Alaskan Bush People show. But following a stay in rehab last year, Matt relapsed. This caused Billy Brown and his son to battle over Matt’s alcohol use. It also led the eldest son of the Brown clan to pack his bags and head for the California desert.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Gives Matt Brown Raw Deal?

For more than a month, Billy and Ami Brown didn’t hear from their oldest son. Ami tends to overcompensate for her husband’s strong stance with Matt. So Ami handles her son a bit differently than her husband. Her worry grew as their son didn’t contact them for a month. Alaskan Bush People fans posted selfies with Matt Brown. They happened to run into the eldest Brown son while in a desert town. So, Ami and Billy Brown managed to track him down.

Reportedly, the Brown patriarch told his estranged son that he could come back to the family. That deal also included filming with the family for the TLC show again. But this was under one condition. It wouldn’t happen until he got clean. Reports indicate Matt Brown did just that. He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs for a 30-day program.

While Matt Brown did what his father requested, for some unknown reason Billy didn’t follow through on his promise. As soon as his son got out of rehab, the father-son feud was in full swing once again and Billy Brown pushed Matt away. This distressed Ami Brown, mom of the Alaskan Bush People family.

Ami Brown Doesn’t Want to Follow Her Husband This Time

Usually, Billy Brown’s wife goes along with his wishes. This time, though, it was hard for Ami Brown to follow her husband. It meant turning away from Matt. According to the latest reports, she’s heartbroken. Now that a new season of Alaskan Bush People is scheduled, it looks like Ami is working to bring the father and son back together. While new reports indicate the eldest Brown son is expected to join the family for the show, that’s not what other reports suggest.

It seems Matt Brown has already weighed in. Apparently, he has no intention of going home, as he doesn’t want to see his parents. But it looks like the matriarch and patriarch of the Wolf pack believe they can make this happen. It seems Ami has a mission in mind. So, it looks like reuniting Billy Brown and son Matt plays out during the new season for viewers to see. Several reports put Ami “working so hard” to fix this rift between the family’s patriarch and his eldest son.

Alaskan Bush People Returns With All Seven Kids?

It looks like it was up in the air there for a little while when it came to Billy Brown’s family getting another season. The last season saw a decline in viewers but the numbers picked up drastically for the season finale. It looks like the Discovery Channel feels there’s still enough interest in this family for season 10 to film.

If Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown does appear in the new season, this can only help the ratings as he’s a fan favorite out of the Brown brood. The Discovery Channel gives Ami Brown and her husband Billy Brown a chance to bring their seven kids together during this new season. Season 10 starts rolling soon, according to the latest info.

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