‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Crisis – Doctors Deliver Bad News on Sunday?

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown suffers a serious health crisis on Sunday night’s episode and it sounds like doctors deliver bad news. The preview shows the entire family looking worried. Gabe Brown talks into the camera explaining how they just got over a horrific health problem with their mom, Ami Brown. Now that she’s feeling better it’s Billy Brown they’re worried about.

Alaskan Bush People – Billy Brown Health Crisis

The Alaskan Bush People family moved closer to civilization than their previous location in the Alaskan bush. Yet they’re still quite the distance from a hospital. While filming in Washington State on a mountain they have to go “down mountain,” to a hospital, according to one Brown daughter. Despite moving out of Alaska, getting to help for a medical crisis still entails a journey.

This horrific event starts with Billy Brown not being able to catch his breath. He tells everyone he’s having a problem breathing. With that, some of the Brown children tell the Alaskan Bush People camera operators to kill the cameras.

ABP – Camera Crew Doesn’t Follow the Brown Family’s Request

Despite insisting the cameras stop filming and after showing the Discovery crew to the door, they still film through the window. The camera crew appears to be outside and looking in at the family in the camper as they film.

It’s apparent the family has trouble getting Billy Brown out the door when he finally agrees to go to the hospital. It appears he collapses at one point. But they finally get him into a vehicle and down the mountain they go. Then the next Alaskan Bush People scene is in the hospital.


Alaskan Bush People: Patriarch In Tears Over the Diagnosis

At the hospital, Billy Brown tells the family what the doctors said and it doesn’t look good. He’s in tears and it sounds like he won’t be going back up that mountain anytime soon. Or at least he won’t be able to finish the work alongside his family.

Billy Brown says I have two doctors telling me “no way.”  He follows with “you guys have to finish what we started.” Then the Alaskan Bush People cameras pan to Gabe, Ami Brown, and a few of the other Brown family members. Each and every one of them has tears flowing down their face. So this looks rather serious.

ABP: What Happened to Billy Brown?

Billy Brown and his family are in the process of building a homestead in Washington State. It was due to Ami Brown’s battle with cancer that the family moved from the Alaskan wilderness. While they still live among the wild, it is much closer to civilization than the Alaskan bush.

Ami needed to be near medical facilities for her follow-up treatment. Now it looks like Billy was lucky to be out of the rural bush as well. It appears the fans of Alaskan Bush People will find out the scoop about Billy Brown and his condition on the new episode Sunday night.

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